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a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries

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He said that with the help of the NBI, "inisa-isa namin and lahat ng tips na nakita naming, and we are fortunate na itong dalawang tip, dalawang bodega turned out positive."
All the bodegas at Barbadillo's Sanlucar estate are situated at floor level or above so that the salty air and cooling breezes from the sea and Guadalquivir River can flow through the buildings.
If you live in New York City or other major cities in the country, you've probably been to a bodega, local market or corner store.
Las grandes bodegas, que habian dominado la industria por casi un siglo, comienzan a derrumbarse, y sumergen a todo el sector en un estancamiento productivo.
It was in 1889 when Fundador Exclusivo was born in the Bodega El Molino, the oldest and foundational cellar in Bodegas Fundador.
Willie Bodega never states precisely what that "something else" was; however, Quinonez endeavors to do so.
So, not long ago I sent an email to Carlos Moro, president of Grupo Matarromera, considered the third most important bodega in the region and winner of the Best Wine of the World category in 1994, and I asked him some questions I was very curious about.
Less than a year ago, most of these very companies would have cringed even at the mention of a bodega risk.
The New York City Health Department launched a Healthy Bodegas Initiative in 2006, aimed at boosting the availability of and demand for healthy food in New York neighborhoods with the highest rates of poverty and chronic disease.
20 February 2012 - Spanish wine maker Bodegas Chivite has offered its Vina Salceda business for sale, after failing to find a buyer for all of its wineries, Spanish daily Cinco Dias reported on Monday, citing sector sources.
BODEGAS PROTOS uses several different formats, like its Crianza wine Magnum, with a capacity of 1.5 L, and the 0.5 L bottle, ideal for individuals or couples.
But for those who enjoy that something a little bit special at Christmas, try Bodegas Luis Ca[+ or -]as, Bodegas Remelluri, Bodegas Laus or Finca Manzanos.