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a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries

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En relacion con su proteccion y legislacion: solo cuatro conjuntos tienen una proteccion como Monumentos Historicos Nacionales: la Bodega Panquegua, la Bodega Arizu --en Godoy Cruz--, la Bodega Arizu --en San Rafael-- y los chalets de Giol y Gargantini --casas patronales--, todas bajo el Decreto Nacional No.
There are also Bodega Cantinas in Worcester, Leicester and Derby.
The alleged robber then took a bag of Cheetos from the counter and ran from the bodega.
Bodega Cantina specialises in street food delights such as burritos, nachos and tacos.
Podreis visitar las bodegas Emina, Matarromera y Renta mientras catais sus excelentes vinos y os alojais en un coqueto hotel rural, el Emina.
The situation became so bad at one point that over half of the Fundador products in the Philippines-the single largest export market of Bodegas Fundador-were fake.
Pernod Ricard was advised in this transaction by BBVA bank and Cuatrecasas Spanish law firm, while Bodega Las Copas was advised by Uria Menendez (Spanish law firm) and Galicia Abogados (Mexican law firm).
Ben Rea, manager at Bodega, in Newcastle, crowned CAMRA's Tyneside pub of the year for the second year running Ben Rea, manager at Bodega, in Newcastle, crowned CAMRA's Tyneside pub of the year for the second year running Kevin Gibson Photography Ltd Free Trade Inn, Ouseburn, Newcastle.
Willie Bodega never states precisely what that "something else" was; however, Quinonez endeavors to do so.
I used to walk the vineyards with my dad and uncles who owned bodegas as well, but my dad sent me to Madrid to study engineering, and I stayed there until I was able to establish my own bodega in '88," Moro said.
El 3 de febrero de 2002, afuera de nuestro domicilio --en Valle de Chalco, Estado de Mexico--los ninos que jugaban en la calle se aterrorizaron al ver a cuatro sujetos armados salir de una bodega situada en la misma cuadra, la cual es utilizada por una banda de delincuentes para desmantelar carros robados.
Join the BBACC in celebrating all things “Hitchcock” on Saturday, March 29, and enjoy one or all three Hitchcock film screenings taking place at the Bodega Bay Grange Hall, 1370 Bodega Ave, Bodega Bay, CA 94923.
Less than a year ago, most of these very companies would have cringed even at the mention of a bodega risk.
NEW YORK -- There are reportedly more than 13,000 small Hispanic convenience stores--or bodegas, from the Spanish In bodega--scattered across New York City.