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a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries

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Barte said his office has adopted a new and stricter security system to ensure that there will be no loss of seized goods when transported from the local port to the government bodega.
'A S21 notice was issued to La Bodega to furnish relevant documents to the ministry's office within five days along with an explanation for the price discrepancy contained in the complaint.
Even within the space of a single bodega there are microclimatic effects on the way the sherries mature.
Bodega Latina said the acquisition of Fiesta allows the company to expand into Texas via an established, well known supermarket operator.
There are also Bodega Cantinas in Worcester, Leicester and Derby.
It will be the fifth Bodega Bar and Cantina to open in the Midlands, since its flagship eatery opened in Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, in 2010.
Concretamente, durante gran parte del siglo XX la estructura social del sector vitivinicola se encontraba constituida por grandes bodegueros integrados, bodegueros trasladistas, los medios y pequenos industriales, los comerciantes extraregionales, los propietarios vinateros, los obreros de vina y bodega, los peones agricolas y los jornaleros agroindustriales, los contratistas de vina, todos vinculados en redes productivas y laborales asimetricas, aunque renegociadas en diversas coyunturas economicas y politicas (Richard Jorba, 2003).
In early 2013, Emperador gained a foothold there with the acquisition of Bodega San Bruno S.A., a brandy company based in Jerez, Spain.
Bodega, in Westgate Road, Newcastle, was named Tyneside pub of the year by CAMRA's Tyneside and Northumberland Branch.
Now in its 20th year staff at Bodega, which is run by Sir John Fitzegerald Ltd a firm which owns 21 bars and restaurants across the city, employing 550 staff, are celebrating the double.
Bodega Dreams (2000) is about one man's--Willie Bodega--vision of an empowered East Harlem.
? Young Kato, whose debut album Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow is out on May 3, will be spreading the word on an extensive tour that takes in Birmingham's Rainbow on April 13, Leicester's Scholar Bar on April 14 and Nottingham's Bodega on April 16.
Pacific Gas and Electric's plan to build a nuclear power plant on the headland above Bodega Bay, California--and, ahem, the San Andreas fault--progressed alarmingly far before townspeople convinced regulators to block it in 1964.
Walmart de Mexico also noted that discount format Bodega Aurrera outperformed competitors in the period, with comp sales up 12.6%.
So, not long ago I sent an email to Carlos Moro, president of Grupo Matarromera, considered the third most important bodega in the region and winner of the Best Wine of the World category in 1994, and I asked him some questions I was very curious about.