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Dywedodd Nicola Jennings, o Age Cymru Gwynedd a Mon: "Mae wedi bod yn ardderchog croesawu Elfair i'n canolfan gofal dydd yma yn y Bontnewydd i chwarae ar gyfer y cleientiaid.
Qamar Sharif, who has been appointed as Chairman of OGDCL's BoD, holds a PhD in Petroleum and has over 40 years of experience in Exploration and Production (E and P) sector globally.
The BoD members approved minutes of last meeting and gave approval for induction of Arshad Khan and Khawaja Anis as new directors.
Friday, June 15 2:00 pm-4:00pm INF BoD Meeting ISNA Headquarters
Chairman BoD said that we have to put Pesco on the path of success and profitability and suggested new ideas and proposals in this regard.
The BoD also reviewed the land lease prices for the project, as well as the investment application received from the developers for the large spaces.
Ar ben hyn i gyd, mae Gwyneth wedi bod yn derbyn llythyrau cas, dienw gan rywun sy'n gwybod am ei chyfrinach.
Both pure and mixed cultures have been used in number of BOD biosensor fabrications as a biological sensing material [6, 7].
Commenting on the second, crucial phase of the elections and the appointment of the YAL Regional BoD, H.E.
Defence: Both are excellent defenders but BOD holds a distinct edge when it comes to competing on the floor after the tackle.
If you measure your bod against the long-and-lean Mischa, the teeny-tiny Olsen twins or even the girl who sits next to you in math, stop!
BOWEN: Treatment of paper mill waste streams using microorganisms to reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD) is fast becoming a "best practice." Discharge permits, municipal charges for processing industrial wastes, community demands, and good environmental stewardship all point to increased sophistication in the waste treatment area.
The CARING Board of Directors (BOD) met on 26 April following the Annual Meeting.
IN JANUARY, NZNO's board of directors (BOD) undertook a training day with management consultant Graeme Nahkies, a past chief executive of the former Hutt Valley Health.