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a very strong lager traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring


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New Glarus brews up some proper bocks in the Wisconsin heartland.
The business lost its lease in 2010, much to the disappointment and heartbreak of owners Steve and Linda Bock, and to their loyal customers.
Smells like a bock ought to, with a lagery quality."
When poured out, this bock is a pale gold, and since some of the promotional materials describe it simply as a helles lager, there was some initial confusion.
"Nice amber color, and a rich bock aroma, malty and sweet," said taster Gregg Glaser.
Since 1888 is just a single bock, we drank it before the double bocks to give it a fair shake, But even so, we found it on the light side for bock.
"Glissade Golden Bock is the brewery's take on the traditional pale bocks of Germany," said Bill Manley of Sierra Nevada.
The first bocks are thought to have been brewed in the northern German town of Einbeck, in Lower Saxony in the 1200s.
According to Latrobe, "Rolling Rock Bock will be brewed true to the tradition of the bocks of old Europe and will meet the highest German Purity Law standards for beer.
It seems only yesterday that we were sampling the first bocks of Spring.
Observers of this winter tradition gather annually at the August Schell Bock Fest, held on the German Fasching (Mardi Gras) the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, to dip hot iron pokers into their Bocks and sip the steaming head.
Spring is the traditional season for bock, doppelbocks, helles bock and Maibock beer styles, with warmth from higher gravity and ABVs of six to nine percent.
Narragansett Beer of Providence, RI, has announced the seasonal release of its spring Narragansett Bock. Distributed throughout New England, Bock will be available on draught and, for the first time, in 'Gansett's signature 16oz.
New Glarus Back 40 was the only regular-strength bock in our flight, and makes the list of our favorites on its technical merits.