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Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court


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In addition to the usual fare, this list includes links to resources about biathlon, bobsledding and boccie, hang gliding, hapkido and hurling, racquetball, ringette and rugby.
Inmates enjoy weightlifting, arts and crafts, and amenities such as boccie balls for Italian-style bowling.
But this Hamlet wears a finely-tailored suit, and what he holds in his hand is in actuality a sphere - made perhaps of rusting iron or aged rock - which he will, in another moment, roll like a boccie ball across the stage.
We also held three staff picnics complete with competitive but hilarious boccie tournaments.
Besides vast footwear and camping gear departments, check out the funny-looking pie-size plastic disks used for eisstock, an Austrian version of boccie played on ice or asphalt.
Ray became the "King of Boccie" in his retirement and built his own boccie ball court, always welcoming friendly competition during winters in Englewood, Florida and summers in Wells, Maine.
The community will feature a 10,000-SF, state-of-the-art clubhouse complete with exercise room, business center, library, computer room, card room, billiard room and meeting rooms, an on-site pool, tennis courts, a boccie court and horseshoe pits.
It also has one of the few indoor boccie courts in town.
Curlers say the game is like a combination of chess, billiards and boccie. It is intense.
The community features world-class resort amenities that include, a 16,000-SF clubhouse, a state-of-the art fitness facility, indoor and outdoor aquatic center, a golf putting green, boccie and tennis courts, and so much more.
Low-water-use plants are the feature here, along with herbs, an imposing rose trellis, and a boccie court.
Froio said he plans to spend more time with his family, reacquaint himself with his beloved accordion, play more boccie with friends on Shrewsbury Street, and vacation in Florida.
A boccie court recalls the time when the game was a regular entertainment in the area.
Park on South Street offers space for activities such as boccie, a splash pad for children, a skateboard park for teens and a pavilion for live performances.
LEOMINSTER - Boccie is 7,000 years old - and is alive and well and flourishing on Central Street.