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Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court


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We found the biggest barrier to the growth of bocce and the uptake by our clubs was the equipment.
On the bocce court, which was designed in the Grafton High gym, teams lined up at designated game times ready to play.
She said: "I quickly recognised his love for basketball and skill at bocce in the playground.
Basketball, bocce and track competition will be held at the college.
San Francisco landscape architect Topher Delaney likes to make bocce ball courts the centerpiece of her design.
Although Bocce is gifted with a remarkable technique, with impeccable beats and seemingly limitless turns, his physique isn't that of the born premier danseur.
Eugene Opera's second annual fundraiser Bocce Bal begins at 6 p.
Outside, there's a heated swimming pool with lap lanes and spa, arts and crafts cabana, covered patios, human-scale chessboards and bocce ball courts.
Jones, at which they play Bocce, and they install some new officers, who are each allowed three minutes to discuss the future.
But now that it s called pasta, it's a different game of bocce.
Bocce and at least four of the other designs are imported from Europe.
One of the participants brought a set of bocce balls to the meeting.
Tenders are invited for Construction of a building expansion for restroom facilities, one baseball/softball field, playground, two parking lots, stormwater facilities, shuffleboard, horseshoe pits, bocce ball, quoits, amphitheater seating, picnic pavilion, gazebo and other amenities as further described in the contract documents