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a popular North American game bird

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While conducting a BioBlitz--an event where biologists and volunteers scour parkland to catalog species--at Caleb Smith State Park, Powers discovered that along with the increasing tick population, there was the disappearance of ground-dwelling birds, most notably the bobwhite quail. The BioBlitz also revealed an invasion of a new predator--the house cat.
The bobwhite quail: its habits, preservation and increase.--Charles Scribner's Sons.
A northern bobwhite quail was shuffling slowly toward the sound of the recording.
Improving rangeland conditions by using moderate stocking rates, especially during drought (Hernandez and Guthery, 2012), or by planting a greater variety of native grasses, sunflowers, shrubs, forbs, and legumes, when reestablishing marginal crop lands, could improve habitat and diet quality for bobwhite quail as well as other wildlife species.
This led me to the Bobwhite quail where the purpose is focused on release and meat.
With the help of more than $6 million from the state of Texas, prairies west of Houston are being restored with native grasses to increase the population of bobwhite quail, whose numbers have been on the decline in recent years.
Sleigh and Lickliter (1995) revealed that bobwhite quail chicks when exposed to substantially augmented amounts of prenatal visual stimulation continued to respond to maternal auditory cues into later stages of postnatal development and failed to demonstrate responsiveness to maternal visual cues.
Burger's research interests include bobwhite quail and grassland bird ecology and management.
They also feed opportunistically on small vertebrates (see review in McDonough and Loughry, 2008) and eggs of a variety of ground nesting species of conservation concern including sea turtles (Engeman et al., 2003, 2005), gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus, Douglas mad Winegarner, 1977; Smith et al., 2011), and northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus, Staller et al., 2005).
An array of pitfall traps was established to measure activity density of ground-dwelling arthropod families that are potential prey items for Northern Bobwhite quail (Colinus viriginianus) on the Beaver River Wildlife Management Area, Beaver County, Oklahoma.
* Bobwhite Quail Declines, featuring Reggie Thackston, Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Todd Bogenschutz, Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
Their work has paid off, and the farm boasts a healthy population of wild bobwhite quail, dove, rabbit, and whitetail deer.
* Conservation Practice 33, or the "Upland Bird Habitat Buffers," will be increased by 100,000 acres, and will be distributed in the midwestern and southern states that are part of the native range for bobwhite quail.
We have also seen mice, snakes, grasshoppers and a tarantula, and importantly, no birds, particularly bobwhite quail," he added.