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Mean densities per 100 ha were as follows: 8.33 ([+ or -] 16.27 SD) sedge wrens, 5.80 ([+ or -] 12.04 SD) Savannah sparrows, 14.89 ([+ or -] 19.46 SD) grasshopper sparrows, 3.06 ([+ or -] 8.91 SD) Henslow's sparrows, 7.17 ([+ or -] 15.61 SD) dickcissels, 33.38 ([+ or -] 32.67 SD) bobolinks, 3.56 ([+ or -] 6.69 SD) western meadowlarks, and 66.11 ([+ or -] 50.26 SD) total grassland birds.
(5,11) Native passerine birds were also trapped for exportation, and birds were shot for fun by boys, as additions to collections by amateur naturalists, and also to be eaten, as in the case of the bobolink. (5)
For those species with more than five nests, grasshopper sparrows, eastern meadowlarks, bobolinks (Dolichanyxaryzivarus) and song sparrows had the greatest overall nest success, while red-winged blackbirds, brown thrashers (Toxostoma rufum), and willow flycatchers had the least (Table 1).
In other areas of the EAA, large numbers of blackbirds and bobolinks (Dolichonyx orrzivorus L.) were observed over rice fields in late summer and autumn (E.
There were also bobolinks that made it from North America to Skomer and Glamorgan in the autumn.
Piping Plover Poorwill Pintail Pigeon." The wigeon is identified in the book's glossary as a duck that "eats plants in fields marshes lakes and large ponds." Poorwills like bobolinks and chachalacas are named for the sounds they make and timberdoodles are noted for their spiraling courtship flights.
So spicy her Carnations red, So drunken reel her Bees, So silver steal a hundred Flutes From out a hundred trees, That whoso sees this little flower, By faith may clear behold The Bobolinks around the throne, And Dandelions gold.
Stanford Hall of North American Birds, you can see birds in their habitats, including a once-thriving flamingo colony in the Bahamas, bobolinks on the banks of the Hackensack River in New Jersey, and spoonbills wading in the Florida Everglades.
In North America, the Breeding Bird Survey has recently charted a relentless decline of around one percent a year in the population of bobolinks, eastern kingbirds, Kentucky warblers and wood thrush.
Our childhood wistfulness relates to a particular meadow with larks and bobolinks, paved over; a shoreline where terns nested, blistered instead with McMansions; a Victorian residence where cliff swallows fledged their young from mud gourds under the eaves that has been leveled for condos.
Bobolinks (also called Ricebirds) pass through California to their winter homes (typically rice fields) in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.
In New York, the project staff found the willow plantings hosted such robust communities of soil microorganisms and songbirds that they qualified as "refugee corridors" for displaced species in an otherwise agricultural area; in Iowa, harvested switchgrass proved a preferred habitat for such grassland birds as meadowlarks and bobolinks. Yet money issues remain; biopower still costs more than coal, but as coal and other fossil fuels dwindle, biopower is expected to gain value.
Bobolinks, meadowlarks, bluebirds, pheasant, and Hungarian partridges are among the resident bird species.
Beason's work with bobolinks indicates the ophthalmic nerve carries magnetic navigational information from the eye to the brain.