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Bobolink densities showed a linear correlation with greater distance from trees and lower percentage of standing dead vegetation (Table 2).
Behrens, False Colors: Art, Design and Modern Camouflage, Dysart IO, Bobolink Books, 2002, for a discussion of military camouflage and its origins; See Homi Bhabha, The Location of Culture, London and New York, Routledge, 1994 for a discussion of social camouflage and cultural mimicry.
Social media is a two-way conversation" added Choufani, founder of creative agency Bobolink.
Some keep the Sabbath going to church, I keep it staying at home, With a bobolink for a chorister, And an orchard for a dome.
One prairie species, Bobolink, was observed outside of property boundaries by only a few hundred meters.
As a response to these portraits, LeMay shows Dickinson's sense of humor in religious matters through "The Bobolink is gone--the Rowdy of the Meadow--".
Her poetry won her recognition among regional New Hampshire writers, and three of her sentimental nature poems--"The Bobolink," "The Water Sprite," and "Poem"--are included in The Poets of New Hampshire (Chapin 366-68).
5,11) Native passerine birds were also trapped for exportation, and birds were shot for fun by boys, as additions to collections by amateur naturalists, and also to be eaten, as in the case of the bobolink.
The Partners in Flight (PIF) Bird Conservation Plan for the Dissected Till Plains (Fitzgerald and Pashley 2000), a region that encompasses both the Sandstone Prairies BUL and the Southeast Prairies BUL, identifies four additional priority grassland bird species that we detected in our study; dickcissel, field sparrow, and grasshopper sparrow were detected at many study sites in both the Sandstone Prairies BUL and the Southeast Prairies BUL, while bobolink were only detected within the Southeast Prairies BUL (one of the state-owned Burchard Lake sites and at both of the privately-owned Johnson County sites).
Meadowlark 46 (n=13) 64 (n=11) Bobolink 25 (n=4) 75 (n=4) Song Sparrow 50 (n=2) 63 (n=8) Mallard -- -- Field Sparrow 33 (n=3) 60 (n=5) Common Yellowthroat -- -- American Woodcock 100 (n=2) -- Wild Turkey -- 0 (n=1) Henslow's Sparrow 100 (n=1) -- Shrub or Above Ground Nester Robin 67 (n=3) 67 (n=3) Red-wing BB 38 (n=16) 27 (n=22) Brown Thrasher 0 (n=1) 100 (n=1) Willow Flycatcher - 0 (n=2) Yellow Warbler - 0 (n=2) American Goldfinch 100 (n=1 -- Northern Mockingbird 100 (n=2) -- Mourning Dove -- 0 (n=1) Species 2010 2011 Average Ground or Near Ground Nester Grasshopper Sp.
Those grassland birds include bobolink, northern harrier, grasshopper sparrow, American kestrel and the rare Henslow's sparrow.
Operators of the new Bobolink mine of the Binkley Mining Co.
Some keep the Sabbath going to Church-- I keep it, staying at Home-- With a Bobolink for a Chorister-- And an Orchard, for a Dome-- Some keep the Sabbath in Surplice-- I just wear my Wings-- And instead of tolling the Bell, for Church, Our little Sexton--sings.
Bobolink (Dolichonyx orizyvorus)--New state record.
This fascinating interactive exhibit follows the Red Knot, Bobolink, and other migrating winged creatures as they make their arduous annual trek over North America on their way to the Canadian Arctic and other destinations.