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an adolescent girl wearing bobby socks (common in the 1940s)

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Bobbysoxers danced to swing and melted to the voice of Frank Sinatra.
Incidentally, the backwater Hoboken, once known, if at all, as the birthplace of Ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra, is now filling up with bobbysoxers who can no longer afford their lofts in Manhattan's Upper East Side but can look across the George Washington Bridge at a skyline bereft of the Twin Towers but still one of the modern wonders of the world.
Not all girls, maybe, but as more and more American boys put on service duds after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, there were enough uniform-crazy bobbysoxers to cause a serious nationwide problem.
The date goes some way towards explaining the costumes, although someone parachuted in midway might have wondered why a woman resembling Edwina Currie was prancing around with a bunch of ponytailed bobbysoxers whose principal role, at least at the outset, appeared to be to shriek with no provocation whatsoever.
8, Frank Sinatra had agreed to a tie-up with the war bond campaign to galvanize bobbysoxers; Harry James was apparently ready to buy a baseball team and quit the band biz (fortunately he didn't); Jeannette Mac Donald wooed them as Juliet at the Chicago Lyric Opera; the Ink Spots almost split up; and Burl Ives' casting in "Sing Out Sweet Land" was heralded by Variety as "the coming of age of folk singers as box-office draws."
In the years following WWII he was the number one pop idol, the skinny boy beloved by the bobbysoxers, who became the contented family man with beautiful wife and kids.
From its modest beginnings in 1941--until the last press run in 1971--these comic books introduced GIs, bobbysoxers, and their baby-boom children to every genre of world literature encompassing such diverse works as Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, Frank Buck's Fang and Claw, Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin and William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Conjuring up images of fifties bobbysoxers banging around the punch bowl on a Saturday night, this fruity beverage has roots that go far deeper.
Decade by decade, this resource offers an overview of all aspects of American teenagers' lives from 1900 to 1999 as they have evolved through the century, from the bobbysoxers of the 1940s, beatniks of the 1950s, and hippies of the 1960s, to the independent and outspoken teens of the 1990s.
There was a time when all the bobbysoxers were running after me.
Idol of 'bobbysoxers' back home in Wales BOBBYSOXERS favourite Donald Peers, above, came home to Wales where he stopped off at his birthplace in Ammanford where he was to present his radio show.
They peg amorous hopes on three not-unwilling local bobbysoxers, but Hermie has already lost his head over Dorothy (Kate Jennings Grant), a vivacious "older woman" alone on the isle while her newlywed husband, Pete (Greg Stone), does a tour of Army duty in the South Pacific.
The statue will be placed opposite the old Paramount theatre where mobs of screaming, swooning bobbysoxers rioted in 1942 when the skinny kid from Hoboken, New Jersey, first hit the big time.
Frank Sinatra's bobbysoxers were replaced over the years by fans of all ages.
Fans will already know most of the story about the young singer who drove the bobbysoxers into a frenzy.