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Synonyms for bobbysocks

a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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SLICK back your hair, slide on a leather jacket, pull on your bobbysox and relive the 50s this month aboard MSC's seven-night Rock & Roll Mediterranean cruise.
The show brings back memories of Grease and all those movies starring Sandra Dee in bobbysox.
Teenage siblings David (Tobey Maguire) and Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) are arguing over her watching MTV with a hot date or his reruns night of Father Knows Best style 50s sitcom, Pleasantville, when their strange new remote control zaps them into the wholesome black and white world of Pleasantville itself, a middle class white America of gee gosh and bobbysox, of separate beds and toilets that never need to flush.
CWMBRAN: Congress Theatre (01633 868239), Jukebox And Bobbysox Show.