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a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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As the era's horror-movie producers were also learning, scaring the bobbysocks off people is good business.
So far on the list of singers taking part is the first winner from 1956 Lys Assia; Anne-Marie David who won for Luxembourg in 1973; Brotherhood of Man who won for the UK in 1976; Bobbysocks who won for Norway in 1985; Scott Fitzgerald, Daz Sampson and 2011 winners Eldar and Nikki, to name a few.
MY VISION Sue Lawrence UK'S HOPE Josh Dubovie finished last in 2010 DOING THE CONGA Black Lace 1973 WINNER Anne-Marie David NORWEGIAN POP STARS Bobbysocks SAVING YOUR KISSES Brotherhood of Man RAISING MONEY, MONEY, MONEY Abba tribute band Swede Dreamz, Ken White, Lisa Dykes, Sheena Beckett and Ray Sharkey promote the concert
IT was the era of bobbysocks, poodle skirts and coffee bars, the time between the advent of Elvis and Beatlemania conquering the world.
1 1974 Sweden Abba Waterloo 2 1988 Switzerland Celine Dion Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi 3 1967 UK Sandie Shaw Puppet On A String 4 1975 Holland Teach-In Ding-A-Dong 5 1985 Norway Bobbysocks La Det Swinge 6 1981 UK Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up 7 1969 Spain Salome Vivo Cantando 8 1987 Ireland Johnny Logan Hold Me Now 9 1998 Israel Dana International Diva 10 1999 Sweden Charlotte Nilsson Take Me To Your Heaven
The main thrust of the song, the word Waterloo, is just three syllables long and then there's a lot of space for it to become both memorable and emotionally evocative Top 10: 1 Abba (Sweden) Waterloo 19742 Celine Dion (Switzerland) Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi 1988; 3 Sandie Shaw (UK) Puppet On A String 1967; 4 Teach-In (Netherlands) Ding-A-Dong 1975; 5 Bobbysocks ( Norway) La Det Swinge 1985; 6 Bucks Fizz (UK) Making Your Mind Up1981; 7 Salome (Spain) Vivo Cantando 1969; 8 Johnny Logan (Ireland) Hold Me Now 1987; 9Dana International (Israel) Diva 1998; 10 Charlotte Nilsson (Sweden) Take Me To Your Heaven 1999
Norway broke their duck and won the Eurovision Song Contest with Bobbysocks singing La Det Swinge.
The UK managed fourth place, but Bobbysocks from Norway was the winner with La det swinge.