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a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


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Last but not least, the technology of electronic yarn guide with precision crossing is very important allows a perfect and controlled yarn laying on the bobbin, which ensures excellent yarn unwinding during the subsequent processing phases.
Another bobbin maker, named Haskins, produced highly elaborate bone bobbins, some featuring loose bone rings and a variety of inlays, including gold tinsel.
After Bob Bob Bobbin scored, the trainer joked: "It looks like I have been running him over the wrong trip for the past four or five years
Graham Buckley, from The Bobbin, said: "After this I think we might have a pyjama party soon.
The bobbin winder is a mechanical device that speeds up the loading of a bobbin with thread.
A lubricated, flame-retardant grade with 30% glass reinforcement, Rynite FR530L provides the bobbin with the strength as well as heat resistance required by this application.
Part of the Big Steak and Wacky Warehouse chain, Bobbin Mill in Saturn Avenue has a 3000 square foot play area on the side of the pub.
The nearly 20,000 attendees at the 30th Bobbin Show in Atlanta, GA in September saw a much larger than usual nonwovens presence among the new machinery, equipment and supplies, particularly in the fabrics and interlinings area.
Exclusive on the MR-11S are Ultrasonic Sensors which constantly measure the diameter of the yarn/wire bobbins on the deck in order to maximize the speeds according to the bobbin weight.
It eliminates two of the biggest frustrations sewers experience: threading the machine and threading the bobbin.
The FT6E and FT7E are driven by independent drives for the drafting system, the flyers, the spindles and the bobbin rail.
Just Bobbin Along Necklace Pam Bocko of Pieceful Designs
Fundamentalist was beaten only a neck by Cornish Sett after a season in the wilderness and Bob Bob Bobbin returned with a win at Bangor 17 days ago.
We stayed in Bobbin Mill, which is converted into three pretty cottages, in the hamlet of Ulpha.