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a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


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For the first time, "Barella" examined the direct correlation between increasing the speed of winding bobbin and the thread hairiness.
If you are interested in adopting Bugs, Lola and Bobbin or any of our other cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, please visit the Animal Welfare Centre in Askar or log onto the website www.
Splicers use a blast of compressed air to make joints between yarns in textile processes, connecting bobbins or repairing breakages.
The courses' textbooks would be removed entirely, Bobbin said, and replaced by a free digital text.
Bobbin Quiltin' & Fusin' Fun explores a range of fusing and applique techniques that tells how to finish quilting projects using fun threads in the bobbin, and is a fine pick for any quilter's collection seeking finishing touches.
The substance was being smuggled inside the bobbin of a machine usually used to operate suspended cable cars.
And don't forget to check out the different variety of laces -- bobbin, pillow and crochet -- and also the newly launched wedding lace with gold coloured thread.
COCKEYED OPTOMETRIST With pessimism as his only tool, A certificate of competence for a trifling fool, Unwind the bobbin and spin the spool, You and I are the epitome of cruel.
In a second, he's up off his stool, On his toes he's bobbin and weavin, Seriously, this kid is no fool.
Both Ian Ogg, from Warwick, and Bury's Kevan Howard, under his Tim Bobbin Punters guise, notched 402 points over the four days.
Rugged and reliable, the new probe incorporates a glass filled PPS bobbin case rated to 300[degrees]C, which is both oil and chemical resistant.
The DGT 300 offers the following features: web elasticity, bobbin rotational inertia, continuous or stop and go running process, and range of diameter variation.
High flexibility in handled products and building-up of the bobbin is reached thanks to this electrical and electronic architecture combined with new traverse winding technology.
Bob Bob Bobbin fired a warning shot for next season's Coral Welsh National when opening his account over fences in the Letherby & Christopher Beginners' Chase at Chepstow.