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a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


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* Thread the machine with glow-in-the-dark thread and the bobbin with 60-wt.
A small insignificant relic of what we used to produce But the importance of which we could never deduce A reminder when put through your door To sweep the landin 'an' mop the floor But the thud on the floor for some broke the silence And reminded them of their neighbours reliance So when taking home your bobbin strung in black and white Let it remind you of your community and a neighbour's plight
Right wing Sam Ansell scored his first hat trick in 2018, while his centre partner Alex Chatterton opened the scoring, half back Luke Pogson grabbed a vital interception try in the second half, and Bobbin sealed the deal with his late game breaker.
"A while later he noticed the bobbin had moved and that the needle had gone.
Making bobbin lace is usually considered the domain of women.Matej Pisca, one of the organizers, grew up seeing his mother make bobbin lace.
Most longarms have a rotary bobbin located under the needle plate and use a double-capacity bobbin known as a size M bobbin.
By 1912 there were 2,000 workers at Wilson's Bobbin Works and just a small portion of these can be seen posing at the Blackburne Street factory, along with the office pet.
Old beaded bobbins are fascinating examples of early folk art, while other interesting finds include bobbin winders, parchment patterns, lace makers' lamps, stools and pillows.
As the gaggle of aircraft approached the target, the crew of the lead F-105G, Bobbin 05, detected the signal of one of the SA-2 sites which had begun tracking the aircraft.
Bobbin winding is typically conducted after spinning and to rapidly perform processes such as relocation of packages and adjusting thread imperfections which in most cases increases hairiness of the thread, which this action occurs by rubbing the thread to different sections of bobbin winding machine. OCT 4-5: See a steam engine being fired up and learn about bobbin making at Stott Park Bobbin Mill on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria.
Bobbin has a stunningly beautiful colouring which is soft to the touch.
* Large bobbin, NSN 3530-01-423-4452 or NSN 3530-01-352-1600
The company's bobbin design provides desirable electrical performance combined with a robust PCB pin design for reliable mechanical strength and integrity when mounted to the circuit board.
Bobbin called those challenges a "perfect storm." Federal budget disagreements are resulting in slashed funds across the board, including for Pell Grants, which grant students federal aid that does not need to be repaid.