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a small float usually made of cork

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Cocky ski bobbers dare driver to speed up; they're well balanced, with knees low on side pontoons
Bream Fishing: Smaller hook (about size 10), bobber or not, bread balls, bacon or worms.
A wind turbine creates two megawatts at best from wave energy, but a rig of floats - known as a Manchester Bobber - can produce five on average.
Youths will receive goody bags that include Power Bait, a Western Hoegee tackle pack that includes a stringer and trout lure, McDonald's food certificates, a pass to the Lake Arrowhead Children's Museum, a fishing tips book, Bullet Ultra Steel weights, Mustad hooks, bobbers, Dubble Bubble gum, a ruler, Band-Aid, Repel insect wipes and a Trilene/Fireline knot card.
To Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs, Rapid Hardware, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's, The Abraham Lincoln Lodge, Huyton Travel Ltd, Stan Hughes (florist) and Bobbers from Eaton Road, plus all the friends and families who helped us amass pounds 1,000 which was presented to KIND founder Stephen Yip.
In contrast, Hailstorm drops back in distance to two and a half miles for The Nags Head At Bobbers Mill Novices' Chase.
Founded in 2002, Sucker Punch Sally's[TM] continues to stay true to their traditional biker values by providing the best stripped-down bobbers and choppers at the most reasonable prices.
His usually fruitful technique of trolling and drifting minnows under bobbers yielded him zip in the sinkhole we were fishing.
I've seen a lot of these, and this is pretty impressive, what they've got," Toshiba sales manager Ron Partch said of the "Wavemaster," an unassuming 40-gallon tank fitted with copper coils, magnets, plastic cylinders from a flashlight, fishing bobbers and a wave generator.
In addition, he has written two books, "Chop Fiction" and "How to Build Old School Choppers and Bobbers.
Meanwhile Haunchwood Homing Society also raced from Bath and it proved to be a profitable one for bobbers Mr & Mrs Willdig as their fliers took first and second with Mr & Mrs Chapman's pigeons filling third and fourth slots
1,766,806 and the STEALTH mark for fishing bobbers was "lapsed, invalid, abandoned, unenforceable, and forfeit under federal and common laws;"
Most years, Muck said, fish taken on bobbers tend to be a little dark because the bobber fishing doesn't start until later in the season.
Stores also offers batteries for such uncommon items as larynx batteries for electronic voice boxes, batteries for glow-in-the-dark fishing bobbers, keyless entry door locks at major hotels and night vision goggles used by the military.
Westbury Homes, which is building 130 houses in the Bobbers Mill area of Nottingham, has been told it will have to wait until May - when the water vole population wakes from hibernation - before a permanent bridge can be built.