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a small float usually made of cork

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Start with your bobber tight to the tip of a 10- to 11-foot crappie rod.
Straight from the Hinckley factory comes adelectable set of wheels called Triumph Bonneville Bobber Straight from the Hinckley factory comes adelectable set of wheels called Triumph Bonneville Bobber
As Grandpappy grew accustomed to our noise, and we grew accustomed to standing still, waiting patiently for the bobber to sink with a tug, they took us farther from home.
Using a bobber-and-worm rig is one of the simplest forms of fishing, but it can require a lot of patience as you wait for that bobber to dunk under the water.
But to drift-fish effectively when it's calm, put out a bait or two under bobbers.
Dave Fowler and his foster child, Alex, also 10, came well equipped with three rods and reels, a set of rooster tail lures and, also, bobbers and bait, in case that's what the fish preferred.
Now, let's consider this tale: Armed with trusty poles, reels, and tackle boxes full of various kinds of leaders, spinners, lures, hooks, flies, worms, and bobbers, three fishermen get into separate boats and paddle out silently into the mist of the early morning in search of a great experience.
The spread and placement of bobbers is called a "drift set.
The Cardiff craft store on City Road that calls itself Crafty Sewand Sew, the Penarth-based maid service Spruce Springclean, Pontlottyn hairdressers Crops & Bobbers and Cwmaman wedding car rental firm Bride n' Vroom (a name, I'm eternally proud to say, I helped come up with).
Now, after shows like American Chopper have made modern custom bikes a hit, the old style of bobbers is making a comeback, both nationally and internationally.
The mag's premise is a pretty simple one: mostly badass bikes (mostly British and American, and predominantly bobbers and choppers, but cafe friendly), and a few old cars and hot rods.
By now it's starting to get pretty dark and hard to see the bobbers and the other guy had had enough.
Two short ultra-light rods rested in single-stem rod holders stuck in the ground; small clear plastic bobbers dangled from the line instead of lures - they are less dangerous for those learning how to cast.
If we are left to read the tealeaves swirling around in the bottom of the Styrofoam cups sitting on the uncluttered desks of Mitch Kupchak and Elgin Baylor, are the Lakers and Clippers so fat 'n' happy with where their bobbers are floating in the Pacific Division fishing derby that their GMs only have to think up new twists on the "we tried, but there was nothing out there that matched up right" answers to media questions about why no player transactions were consummated by Thursday's NBA trade deadline?