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Synonyms for bobber

a small float usually made of cork

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I AM GOING to skip the very easily Google- able history of bobber motorcycles ( or simply, bobbers).
I learned how to bait a hook with a wiggling worm that wanted to do everything but be impaled by a hook, and how to attach the bobber and gently cast my line.
All you'll have to do is thread a worm or minnow onto your hook and adjust your bobber to hold the hook at the depth you want.
stand as their parents stood with baited hooks, eyes pinned to a bobber,
The package comes with a reel, spoon, bobber, couple of worms and three weighted hooks.
Bowen owns this bike along with a modified 1976 Holden teal green HQ utility with a 308 V8 engine, a Harley Davidson 1200 sportster modified into a bobber cafe, and a KTM exc-f 250 dirt bike (she's also passionate about dirt bike riding).
Kivver fishing with a bobber and worm is often the first and most exciting action in a young angler's life.
Disappointed, he continues to fish blindly with a bobber, hook, and worm, hoping that he will get lucky and still have a great fishing experience.
It comes complete with a 4-6-0 steam locomotive (with operating headlight, smoke, and speed-synchronized sound); tender with coal load; gondola; Santa figure; bobber caboose; and 14 pieces of track (straight and curved).
And in 60mph winds, its low stance and solid centre of gravity made it feel sure-footed enough and more - helped by that unique "bobber" riding position, crouched over the wide bars, feet far out on the forward controls.
Built against the clock by a four-strong team, the Hawg Haven Old Skool Bobber will go to one lucky Carole Nash customer.
Next year is going to be a big year for Honda's cruiser range with the unveiling of the new Shadow VT750 Black Spirit - a variation on the Shadow Spirit which harks back to the original custom cruiser machine, the "bobber".
Slip Bobber Float Stick Rods from his Strictly Walleye website lineup (
Chicago-based duo Cupola Bobber conjures the mysteries of the ocean with a blue tarp in Way Out West, the Sen Whispered Me, coming direct to Austin after a mid-month hometown premiere.
Robert Bobber, who had been divisional merchandise manager for consumables, has been put in charge of the O-T-C categories that were previously Cing-Mars' responsibility.