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move up and down with no specific path


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I met Bob around 1961, when I was a work-study student at the Cunningham studio.
Idly bob around for an hour or so, drifting into wonderfully warmer currents you'll desperately try to stay with.
An additional issue is that the tenders bob around if the water is not calm.
Seeing how easily they can wrap Bob around their fingers, the kids campaign to get Bob employed as the family butler on a permanent live-in basis.
Simpson's curling free-kick seemed to bob around in the box for ages before McEvilly spun to smash the ball home.
Klotz also adds that since the nucleus of a plant cell hugs the cell wall, while animal nuclei kind of bob around in the middle, eating plants "may not have involved "death' in the Biblical sense of that term.
past president of the American Chiropractic Council of Occupational Health, "The cervical spine of a child less than one year old is not fully developed, and it is important that the child's head not bob around during any activity.
She lived with her grandmother in Felling, and married Bob around 1959.
Using this, you'll bob around like a rally driver on a road made of jelly, with your head leaning into particularly tight bends, while the car handling is inconsistent.
Swimming caps - mandatory to keep the heat of our bodies as intact as possible - bob around as we fling ourselves into the 7C sea, shrieks of pleasure and pain echoing off the water.
He will make sure they are the right type, not just anyone throwing a few bob around.
I was renting a place in Rathmines for the duration of filming and I got print-outs of photos of Bob around the time of Live Aid.
I don't think he will take anybody just because they might be prepared to throw a few bob around.
Shimmering lavender parachutes bob around the arena as the audience is treated to a display of aerial acrobatics.
Unlike journalists and estate agents they bob around near the top of the league table of trust.