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a place where boats are built or maintained or stored

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Seaview Boatyard operates several full-service boatyards in Washington State's Puget Sound area.
Marina / Boatyard in the Florida Panhandle within 1 mile of the Inter Coastal Waterway on a protected bayou with no bridge restrictions.
Boatyards used to make a living storing boats--that's become less and less evident.
Also, a one page handout will be mailed to all 1,200 mooring holders as well as to all marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs in Cape Ann.
com)-- Hudson Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of a website for Bridge Marina, a prestigious boatyard located on Lake Hopatcong, the largest freshwater body in the state of New Jersey.
FIRE officers were yesterday liaising with police after a fourth North Wales boatyard blaze this year saw eight vessels go up in flames at an Anglesey marina.
It could house a museum, a visitor centre, a small working boatyard teaching youngsters practical skills, a research facility for local universities and colleges.
In boatyards that aren't surrounded with protective gutters--and very few areas require such devices--rain can carry these spilled products to the water.
The historic Berthon boatyard is to take on staff on completion of the pounds 2.
Hydraulic straddle hoists have long been a fixture in boatyards and marinas, where they raise craft from and lower them into the water for repair and launching.
The tales are of whalers, fishermen, shore-workers, boats, boatyards, boat races, and family life.
The Florida Clean Marina program is designed to introduce boatyards and marinas to simple, innovative, day-to-day solutions to prevent pollution.
Across the street from our office on Manhasset Bay harbor are several boatyards and yacht clubs, which have had a long and complicated cultural history.
Speaking exclusively to the Western Mail Mr Harrison acknowledged his fears after further attacks at two other Welsh boatyards - Parc Caer Seion in Conwy and, most recently, Castell March in Abersoch.