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a place where boats are built or maintained or stored

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Boatyards used to make a living storing boats--that's become less and less evident.
Also, a one page handout will be mailed to all 1,200 mooring holders as well as to all marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs in Cape Ann.
John McKnight, NMMA and Gerry Nessenson, ValvTect - "The Facts About Ethanol, Alternatives and What They Mean for Boatyards & Builders"
com)-- Hudson Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of a website for Bridge Marina, a prestigious boatyard located on Lake Hopatcong, the largest freshwater body in the state of New Jersey.
FIRE officers were yesterday liaising with police after a fourth North Wales boatyard blaze this year saw eight vessels go up in flames at an Anglesey marina.
It could house a museum, a visitor centre, a small working boatyard teaching youngsters practical skills, a research facility for local universities and colleges.
In boatyards that aren't surrounded with protective gutters--and very few areas require such devices--rain can carry these spilled products to the water.
Just click on your choice of Lake and Locks, the Fens, Canals, the Broads and Rivers, choose a region and up pops a list of boatyards and marinas.
The functional tradition of boatyards and buildings has also been captured - each boat-hall has direct external access doors at first floor to allow the superb hulls of the eights to be brought in.
The tales are of whalers, fishermen, shore-workers, boats, boatyards, boat races, and family life.
The Florida Clean Marina program is designed to introduce boatyards and marinas to simple, innovative, day-to-day solutions to prevent pollution.
Additionally, it was revealing in our greater effort to compile and analyze the trends and common practices in health benefits, retirement benefits and vacation policies that there is great variation across the board, but particularly with the smaller boatyards.
Across the street from our office on Manhasset Bay harbor are several boatyards and yacht clubs, which have had a long and complicated cultural history.
Speaking exclusively to the Western Mail Mr Harrison acknowledged his fears after further attacks at two other Welsh boatyards - Parc Caer Seion in Conwy and, most recently, Castell March in Abersoch.