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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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The seven-piece jazz/blues outfit comprises The Preacher on lead vocals and harp, Martin Barter on keyboards and vocals, Rod Boatswain, tenor sax, Steve Sage bass, John on guitar, and Federico Girlando on drums.
Davis passed qualifications and is now a boatswain, Southwark crown court was told.
The complex will include condos, a shopping plaza and berths for more than 50 yachts on the northern coast capitalizing on a boom in inter-island yacht tourism, said Economic Development Minister Anthony Boatswain.
where my friend the boatswain floated with his gear.
Aye Than, a 43-year-old boatswain from Myanmar, suffered a broken pelvis, while eight others suffered minor injuries, according to rescuers.
Well, it probably sounded like that, but the sedulous editor would have dug till the truth was uncovered: boatswain .
But at the end of this month -- his 65th birthday -- David steps down as boatswain with the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club, in Beaumaris.
By clicking on a button labeled "Meet the Crew," a user can choose to investigate the surgeon, gunner, captain, midshipman, ship's master, cook, purser, chaplain, boatswain, admiral, marine or seaman.
Gonzalo tells the boatswain to remember who he has aboard and the boatswain replies:
He began his writing career with Prince and Boatswain (1915), a collection of sketches.
In addition, he served five years active duty as a Boatswain Mate (BM2) in the U.
Lyth fell eventually on 23, Quinton Boatswain picking up the scalp with an edge to second slip.
One of these projects is the recently-completed realignment of 80 NAVSUP GLS RC fuels billets from Fleet Logistics Center units and fuels detachment units held by NAVSUP Reservists spread across 26 different states and Puerto Rico, to four CONUS fueling sites which actively employ Aviation Boatswain Mate Fuels (ABF) personnel to perform Alongside Aircraft Refueling (AAR), a key mission which NAVSUP GLS is tasked to perform.
Saunders dumped Dominic Boatswain of Grenada on the canvas twice for a first round win at light-welterweight.
The Sedgefield fighter came through his first 64kg tussle of the Games with flying colours, stopping Grenadan Dominic Boatswain 48 seconds from the end of the first round.