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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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As soon as the boatswain saw us, he set up a halloo like a shout of triumph, for having, as he thought, more help come; and without waiting to hear me, "Captain," says he, "noble captain!
Upon these words, away ran eight of my men, with the boatswain and his crew, to complete their bloody work; and I, seeing it quite out of my power to restrain them, came away pensive and sad; for I could not bear the sight, much less the horrible noise and cries of the poor wretches that fell into their hands.
When I gave the boatswain the letter, I gave him a shilling with it, which I told him was for the charge of a messenger or porter, which I entreated him to send with the letter as soon as he came on shore, that if possible I might have an answer brought back by the same hand, that I might know what was become of my things; 'for sir,' says I, 'if the ship should go away before I have them on board, I am undone.'
They told reporters at the NPA Wednesday, 28 August that they intend communicating their concerns with PTAL Board of Commissioner about the electoral process, specifically seeking its transfer from the NPA premises to Boatswain High School on Jamaica Road.
Petty Officer Third Class Roldan Matildo, Seaman First Class (SN1) John Fernandez, SN1 Teody Lopez Jr., and SN1 Mark Lester Magbanua were among the 35 students, who successfully finished the Boatswains Mate "A" School Course at the United States Coast Guard Training Center last June 7, the Philippine Coast Guard said.
When Wells assaulted another crew member, called Driscoll, who had stood up for the boatswain, Tate went to break things up.
I chose the aviation boatswain's mate (fuels) (ABF) rate because the recruiter told me it was the closest rate to firefighting.
WILLINGTON: A Khan c D Shurben b Boatswain 9, J Howell b Boatswain 4, G Fatouros c J Shurben b Boatswain 18, J Louth not out 65, J Dass lbw J Singh 3, J Stock c J Shurben b Smith 3, M Bailey not out 2.
He stood at the position of aviation boatswain's mate, with duties that included preparing and fueling planes prior to take-off and after landing and was assigned to USS Ronald Reagan.
Their leading petty officer, Aviation Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Marcus Snedeker, said they impress him daily.
Boatswain's Mate First Class Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) meets strong-willed and sassy telephone exchange operator Miriam Penttinen (Holliday Grainger) in November 1951.
Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Equipment) 3rd Class Ryan Pennell ensures an F/A-18E Super Hornet, assigned to the "Pukin' Dogs" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 143, is ready to launch from the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS HARRY S.
They were named as Samuel Otaimaga, 23, Ian Boatswain, 21, Vivian Obleajula, 21, Falelat Oluremelekun, 24, and Kara Jaimimi, 21, all of London.
Duayne Boachie, Jacqueline Boatswain and Karl Collins
He proudly served as a Boatswain's Mate, First Class in the United States Navy during World War II.