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a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

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However, the storm was so violent that I saw, what is not often seen, the master, the boatswain, and some others more sensible than the rest, at their prayers, and expecting every moment when the ship would go to the bottom.
However, this time he managed only two before Boatswain bagged his second wicket of the day.
Hollyoaks executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said: "We are honoured and thrilled to welcome actors with the wealth of experience that Jacqueline Boatswain and Karl Collins bring with them to the show.
A small colony of about 10,000 survived on Boatswain Bird Island, which didn't have any cats.
The scene placed the boatswain, the noblemen, and silent Ariel in the circle, with Ariel's staff as the only prop, which alternated as the ship mast or side railing.
Davis passed qualifications and is now a boatswain, Southwark crown court was told.
The complex will include condos, a shopping plaza and berths for more than 50 yachts on the northern coast capitalizing on a boom in inter-island yacht tourism, said Economic Development Minister Anthony Boatswain.
So Phillip dismissed them and would not allow any officer, boatswain or his mate to carry a stick to strike any man with.
To scrub the mast, the boatswain (BOH-sun) crew hauled each other up and down in the boatswain's chair.
He plays the Carpenter, who sings the trio with the Boatswain and Ralph Rackstraw, has a spot of dialogue and gets to blow a whistle a few times.
Aye Than, a 43-year-old boatswain from Myanmar, suffered a broken pelvis, while eight others suffered minor injuries, according to rescuers.
Well, it probably sounded like that, but the sedulous editor would have dug till the truth was uncovered: boatswain .
But at the end of this month -- his 65th birthday -- David steps down as boatswain with the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club, in Beaumaris.
The Basques stopped plagues, so the blind boatswain - a Basque - who led Columbus to America could be born.
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