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someone who drives or rides in a boat

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Immediately I was afflicted with an excessive cold which, beginning in my crop, ran down to the extreme end of my toes, and deprived me even of speech, while the boatmen laughed at me.
Hi, you boatmen! Haul that head up the bank, and we'll boil it for the skull.
HARIPUR -- The district administration arrested three boatmen for not following safety protocols.
The decision stemmed from a 2008 contract between the Pagsanjan municipal government and First Rapids Care Ventures (FRCV) to provide insurance to boatmen offering tours to Pagsanjan Falls.
One of them was rescued by boatmen, while two others drowned whose bodies were recovered today.
Some have taken shelter in boatmen's residence waiting to cross the river." Noor Hossain, a local official from Teknaf Thana, told Arab News: "Around 50 Bangladeshi boatmen and a few Myanmar boatmen are transporting Rohingya to Bangladesh.
with four Cree boatmen whom we hired at Cross Lake (now Pimicikamak) as
This will make it easier for local boatmen to row and steer the boats, which are run by solarpowered batteries and don't make any noise compared to diesel-run boats.
Handing over 11 ' e boats' to the local boatmen at the Assi Ghat, Modi said, " This will be a surprise for tourists as they will be keen to come to Varanasi and take a ride on e- boats.
To block the takeover of their hometown Boatmen's Bank by shutting down the New York Stock Exchange.
Just 15 boatmen are licensed to take people to Skellig Michael where they can marvel at the World Heritage Site while following in the footsteps of Jedi Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill.
Boatmen in Gilgit-Baltistan fear losing their livelihood after the completion of four large tunnels along the south shore of Attabad Lake.
However, he added that unfortunately some segments of the society including fishermen and boatmen children could not go to schools.
Read tomorrow's Remember |When for more memories about the last of the Tees boatmen.
KARACHI -- Met Office has advised the fishermen and boatmen not to venture into the open sea from Wednesday to Friday.