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skill in handling boats

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Nick says: "They were likely to have had special skills in river navigation and boatmanship which were probably used in safeguarding the mouth of the Tyne and the adjacent coastline."
Rather than transcendence, however, what inspires Todd's boatmanship is a desire to impress others: "it must be only the finished product that they judge me by, not the steps of construction." Indeed, this desire is so strong that Todd briefly wishes his father and housekeeper dead "so that I could commence work on my schooner without their scoffing to embarrass me" (59-60).
To compliment our boat descriptions we highlighted the language of boatmanship, and celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the Navy's amphibious force.
Boatmanship and rescue training exercises have been held at Draycote Water near Rugby and officers believe they are now ready to take on the worst nature can throw at them.
In part, that's a reflection of safer boatmanship hearkening back to that crazy day in '97.
The 33-year-old from Old Swan has undergone weeks of intensive training in boatmanship and navigation.
(Small vessel air conditioning systems were covered in detail in the August 2009 Boatmanship Seminar.)