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someone who drives or rides in a boat

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Later, my Fate sent me the boatman who had desired to cut off my tail with an axe.
But a boatman, who laughed, took a piece no larger than a small dog, and threw it to me.
"Not before the fifth shot," said the Mugger, as though he had never dreamed of stunning one of his listeners--" not before the fifth shot did I sink, and I rose in time to hear a boatman telling all those white women that I was most certainly dead.
I landed half-way down the beach, and secured the services of an old boatman to take me back.
I like to watch an old boatman rowing, especially one who has been hired by the hour.
My boatman (who was an honest fellow and mindful of his promise to the catechist) would fain have carried me on to Balachulish; but as this was to take me farther from my secret destination, I insisted, and was set on shore at last under the wood of Lettermore (or Lettervore, for I have heard it both ways) in Alan's country of Appin.
There Dom Claude found a boatman, who, for a few farthings in Parisian coinage, rowed him up the Seine as far as the point of the city, and landed him on that tongue of abandoned land where the reader has already beheld Gringoire dreaming, and which was prolonged beyond the king's gardens, parallel to the Ile du Passeur-aux-Vaches.
When the boatman had taken his departure, he remained standing stupidly on the strand, staring straight before him and perceiving objects only through magnifying oscillations which rendered everything a sort of phantasmagoria to him.
"He was a great boatman. That was his life and, sadly, that's how he died."
Northamptonshire Police said firearms offences were committed but it was not in the public interest to take any action against Pro-Tect Systems, whose operations director Peter Boatman is thought to have killed himself shortly after the company's licence was revoked.
Former police officer Peter Boatman, operations director of Pro-Tect, was found dead at his home yesterday afternoon.
In providing Easy's audio voice, Boatman strikes not one false note, and his differentiation of the other characters is solid and equally convincing.
You can also become a Volga boatman and pull a barge along the famous river, or undergo basic military training.
Former Northamptonshire policeman Peter Boatman said he was first asked to look at what went on by the prosecution team in November 2003, two months after Mr Powell died.
Intertwining fantasy, reality, the straight-up peculiar, The Empire Of Ice Cream showcases: The Annals of Eelin-Ok, Jupiter's Skull, A Night in the Tropics, The Beautiful Gelreesh, Boatman's Holiday, Botch Town, A Man of Light, The Green Word, Giant Land, Coffins on the River, Summer Afternoon, The Weight of Words, The Trentino Kid, and the title piece, The Empire of Ice Cream.