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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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only shipped out one boatload of 1.5 percent nickel ore with a volume of 55,000 MT at an average price of $22.50 per MT.
"It might just be a reminder that a boatload of plutonium could end up at a harbour in Antwerp unless an arrangement is made," one nuclear expert told the FT.
The Optis, Bics and Flying us will be out in force competing for boatloads of great prizes including a sailing experience aboard Wild Oats X on Pittwater for the winners in each class.
Philippine border security units have come under heavy criticism for failing to stop boatloads of armed men as they sailed toward the Malaysian state early last month.
Set sail from North Shields in the early evening and on board the DFDS Seaways cruise ferry, you''ll find boatloads of ways to have fun.
The combination of a possible hike in the federal tax on dividends and the boatloads of cash held by corporations is leading to a proliferation in one-time special dividends being paid to investors, Businessweek reports.
Now the Germans are demanding we export boatloads of cash to pay off bank bondholders, scuppering any hope of financial independence.
If they get this out for Christmas it will sell boatloads," the source added.
The debate over immigration policy has already taken a hard right turn in Australia after boatloads of Sri Lankan Tamils washed up on its shores.
Evidence of the monitoring body indicated that Asmara was sending plane and boatloads of weapons to Somali rebels, as well as providing them with logistical support.
The news follows interceptions by Australia border protection officials of two separate boatloads of asylum seekers last Friday and on Monday.
Hackett said: "It can't be right that clubs can run up boatloads of debt knowing that the worse which can happen to them is the fact they are deducted ten points.
When news of the celebrations leaked, boatloads of paparazzi and reporters Friday boarded the Puntarenas ferry for the Nicoya peninsula, from where Santa Teresa can be reached on foot.
This is wholly incorrect, as earlier this month HMS Cumberland, a British naval vessel, had engaged two boatloads of pirates in a gunbattle and successfully apprehended them, killing three.
Congressman Bertrand Gearhart (R-Calif.) captured that mood when he described the Hiss-led delegation at Havana as "boatloads of smug diplomats, all-wise economists ...