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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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It might just be a reminder that a boatload of plutonium could end up at a harbour in Antwerp unless an arrangement is made," one nuclear expert told the FT.
Earlier this week, the Tawi-Tawi police reported that a boatload of people who fled the Sabah violence arrived on Sibuto Island.
Set sail from North Shields in the early evening and on board the DFDS Seaways cruise ferry, you''ll find boatloads of ways to have fun.
The combination of a possible hike in the federal tax on dividends and the boatloads of cash held by corporations is leading to a proliferation in one-time special dividends being paid to investors, Businessweek reports.
Now the Germans are demanding we export boatloads of cash to pay off bank bondholders, scuppering any hope of financial independence.
If they get this out for Christmas it will sell boatloads," the source added.
The debate over immigration policy has already taken a hard right turn in Australia after boatloads of Sri Lankan Tamils washed up on its shores.
The news follows interceptions by Australia border protection officials of two separate boatloads of asylum seekers last Friday and on Monday.
This is wholly incorrect, as earlier this month HMS Cumberland, a British naval vessel, had engaged two boatloads of pirates in a gunbattle and successfully apprehended them, killing three.
Olympic rowing legend Matthew Pinsent is championing a new campaign to have boatloads of Christmas cards recycled.
Speculators are loading up with boatloads of euros," commented currency trader Grant Wilson of Mellon Financial Corporation.
With boatloads of illegal immigrants from Africa hitting Italy's shores every month, Rome has a pressing motive: to equip Libya with specialised equipment such as speed boats, cross-country vehicles and surveillance systems to improve its border controls and stem the influx.
Film Festival got off to one of its most lavish starts in recent memory with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and boatloads of Hollywood stars and Italo politicos strutting their stuff on the event's new $1 million catwalk, which features 60 golden lions, repping the fest's trophy.
You might note that a major American concern is that violence in Haiti will send boatloads of refugees fleeing to Florida, as they have in the past.
In the summer, advertisement in Weston-super-Mare could perhaps bring in boatloads of visitors.