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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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If they get this out for Christmas it will sell boatloads," the source added.
The debate over immigration policy has already taken a hard right turn in Australia after boatloads of Sri Lankan Tamils washed up on its shores.
Evidence of the monitoring body indicated that Asmara was sending plane and boatloads of weapons to Somali rebels, as well as providing them with logistical support.
The news follows interceptions by Australia border protection officials of two separate boatloads of asylum seekers last Friday and on Monday.
Hackett said: "It can't be right that clubs can run up boatloads of debt knowing that the worse which can happen to them is the fact they are deducted ten points.
When news of the celebrations leaked, boatloads of paparazzi and reporters Friday boarded the Puntarenas ferry for the Nicoya peninsula, from where Santa Teresa can be reached on foot.
This is wholly incorrect, as earlier this month HMS Cumberland, a British naval vessel, had engaged two boatloads of pirates in a gunbattle and successfully apprehended them, killing three.
Think back to the good old days before television and video games took over playtime, when children built forts using blankets, boxes, and boatloads of creativity.
It doesn't mention the peculiar profitability of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the civil rights group Dees co-founded in 1971, which raises boatloads of cash with manipulative mailings that wildly exaggerate the prevalence of "hate groups" and of racially motivated violence.
Olympic rowing legend Matthew Pinsent is championing a new campaign to have boatloads of Christmas cards recycled.
You might note that a major American concern is that violence in Haiti will send boatloads of refugees fleeing to Florida, as they have in the past.
In the summer, advertisement in Weston-super-Mare could perhaps bring in boatloads of visitors.
Also, there are boatloads of software packages that can not only backup and archive your data but can now intelligently move data off your disk drives to tape so that your system can run at optimum efficiency.
Her response: re-evaluate her relationship and munch boatloads of parsley in an attempt to induce a homeopathic abortion.
TERRORISTS could sneak into Australia among boatloads of asylum seekers, prime minister John Howard hinted today, as the government and the opposition faced growing criticism over their harsh stance on refugees.