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the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car

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This year, after all my deductions for business and pain and suffering -- including the agitations of owning a few rental properties and investing a boatload of dough renovating one -- I will pay about 29 percent of my gross income in federal, state and local taxes.
The boatload included a group of modern and developed explosives, which are Iranian made and a kilo of which is equivalent to one hundred kilos of TNT.
Summary: WASHINGTON -- The recent bumper consignment of US-China trade disputes will be followed by boatload after boatload of new problems in coming years, experts predict, but that may be little cause for concern.
It's all glitterball and very little substance funded by a boatload of TV licence money, and I'm bored rigid after just one single show.
Hove is down for a boatload of open-races on Sunday's matinee card, while Sittingbourne continues to produce top open-action on Sunday evenings.
The North has said Seoul is keeping hostage four North Koreans, from a boatload of 31 which drifted over the sea border in heavy fog on 5 February.
Wes Raynal, editor of AutoWeek said, 'The choice for 'Most Fun' in Paris is based on the notion that you don't need 500 horsepower or even rear-drive to build a boatload of grins into a practical, reasonably economical automobile.
The question, therefore, is whether this boatload of Tamils - the second to arrive in Canada since last October - represents a desperate desire for survival or a diabolic attempt on the part of shadowy figures to rekindle the embers of a rebellion in Sri Lanka that was crushed last year.
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd telephoned Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono over the weekend in an attempt to divert a boatload of Sri Lankan asylum seekers bound for Australia, local media reported Tuesday.
LIKE a boatload of drowning mariners, MPs united to throw one of their own over the side in the hope that their vessel could be saved.
A splash of bold and tangy vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt enables these chips to deliver a boatload of all-natural flavor with 65% less fat than regular potato chips and only 120 calories per serving.
If "Sixtyfive Roses: A Sister's Memoir" was about a boatload of roses, it would have been a happier story.
STILLINGTON The Royal missed a boatload of chances in losing their South Durham Bowl clash 3-0 to Wearhead United.
The nicked copper is probably on its way to China right now, a boatload of iron railings, lead flashing, signalling cable, drain covers and burned buses.
The result is a well-balanced collection with great appeal to professionals in the field who wish to update their knowledge without searching the Internet or purchasing a boatload of journals.