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a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

someone who drives or rides in a boat

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A life jacket is the first defence should the worst happen when undertaking activities on the water, and with Tasmanias high proportion of recreational boaters we want to ensure everybody complies with the standard required to keep them safe.
Its flexible format ensures a new generation of boaters that studying for and getting a boating education card is nothing but smooth sailing.
Founded in May 2015, Dockwa is a unified marina operations platform which connects boaters to marinas in real time, online and by app.
It's a very good thing the boaters stopped her going any further, as she may well have got a bit wet if she'd tried to go around the bridge.
Boelkens also said boaters who break down or have another emergency will be able to send out an SOS geographic location notification through Urban Airship that would alert the closest marina and emergency services provider, as well as RaftUp users within a 5-mile radius.
We have posted notices on our website informing boaters that navigation is not possible along that stretch".
Further, alcohol can be more treacherous for boaters since they are less experienced and less confident on the water than on the highway.
No longer was the majority of family boaters being ruled by the aggressive boating of such a small minority.
Lucky boaters in Virginia are privy to an ice cream boat.
Incoming president and former dictator Desk Boaters said through a spokesman that he will not interfere in his ongoing trial for the massacre of political opponents during his military regime, reports AP (July 20, 2010):
Boat green; 50 steps boaters can take to save our waters.
Boaters of all types will welcome BOAT GREEN: 50 STEPS BOATERS CAN TAKE TO SAVE OUR WATERS.
Boaters don't have to sacrifice their own enjoyment of the waterways to help the environment--in fact, helping the environment even helps them.
CASTAIC -- The water in Castaic Lake has been drained by about half for a major maintenance project, but the reservoir that buoys boaters, fuels a power plant and quenches the thirst of millions of Southern Californians is newly postcard-pretty.