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a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

someone who drives or rides in a boat

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If high water does not provide sufficient clearance at temporary bridges for boaters to pass safely, boaters will exit at the Point Pleasant Community Park.
The new rules are intended to stop inconsiderate boaters staying at mooring points beyond their allotted time and preventing others from using them.
com grows exponentially for all members of the boating community as more boaters sign up and share their experiences by writing reviews,” continues Mr.
These advanced navigation systems have earned a loyal worldwide following across a broad spectrum of boaters, including fishermen, cruisers and sailors.
The deputies will issue boaters a 2013 inspection decal that is recognized throughout the state.
We have posted notices on our website informing boaters that navigation is not possible along that stretch".
Further, alcohol can be more treacherous for boaters since they are less experienced and less confident on the water than on the highway.
Boaters has been on trial with 11 co-defendants since Nov.
It is also unlawful for boaters to moor to government-placed markers except in emergency situations or with written consent of the owner.
The water supply has not been diminished by the 70-foot drop in the waterline, and buoys encircling islands jutting from the water's surface caution boaters and fishermen unaccustomed to the obstructions.
On May 31, Alana was watching three boaters out on the lake, when she decided that something didn't seem quite right.
But as of last March only half of 25 local commercial boaters were participating.
Packed with international and foreign nautical charts, details on Logan navigation, discussions of navigation regulations and ocean chemistry and properties, and logarithm charts, The American Practical Navigator is a 'must' reference for any serious boater, and for libraries where boaters congregate.
The prison museum, Spano said, could spawn an entire waterway industry along the river, attracting pleasure boaters to a new destination.
Specialist snacks retailer Julian Graves has bought Boaters Coffee Company for an undisclosed sum.