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a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown

someone who drives or rides in a boat

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The founder, Ash Gilpin, drew on his personal experiences as a boater when creating Boater's Academy.
It was the first online resource of its kind for the marine industry, pioneering a comprehensive guide for boaters worldwide and amassing more than 100,000 users.
It would be a shame if increased numbers of boats in these new marinas drove away passing boaters like myself.
The unidentified boater failed to full close a lock at Milnsbridge and it drained dry.
A float plan for a boater is similar to a flight plan for a pilot.
Co-anglers compete against other co-anglers for a separate prize purse, which is only fair, since the boater gets first shot at the fish.
And offshore boats were still out there, going 45 mph, which any boater knows is pretty dam fast on the water.
Boat green; 50 steps boaters can take to save our waters.
It comes from an avid boater who has been long concerned about pollution, and provides field-tested solutions to common boating problems, from preventing onboard fires and using solar power to new choices for outboards.
Packed with international and foreign nautical charts, details on Logan navigation, discussions of navigation regulations and ocean chemistry and properties, and logarithm charts, The American Practical Navigator is a 'must' reference for any serious boater, and for libraries where boaters congregate.
The boater was lifted to safety and delivered to Chambers Field at NS Norfolk.
Rescue came the next day when the crew of a Coast Guard helicopter plucked the younger Sailor from the water, and a boater picked up the older man.
The How to Be a Clean Boater section addresses the importance of environmentally friendly boat maintenance and use, and explains how the processes of sanding, painting, fueling, pumping out, and trash disposal can negatively impact human and marine ecosystem health.
Supporting the most popular chart formats including C-Map and CD-ROM, plus access to advanced weather services, satellite images and aerial photos, a boater using RayTech Navigator v 4.
The "best practices" in boater safety education include means of ensuring the availability of education programs, ensuring the content and quality of the educational programs, getting more people to obtain the education, and finally, getting people to act on what they learn.