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a person who builds boats

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His fellow judge is Chris Bishop, a principal project engineer with 3M in Loughborough, who developed the boatbuilding challenge.
Frank, a member of a local boatbuilding family, was watching Findhorn Royal Yacht Club's Battle of Britain Cup and Spence Cup races on Saturday when tragedy struck.
His expertise in applying our standards to production boatbuilding gives him a unique perspective to increase the value of an ABYC membership both nationally and internationally.
ANCHOR AND SAIL Run by the Galgael Trust and Clyde Maritime Trust, this group in Glasgow's Govan strive to protect the traditional skills of boatbuilding on the Clyde while giving vulnerable people a new sense of self-worth.
The most time-consuming aspect of the guitar are the carbon fiber body halves, which are laid out by hand in molds with an epoxy used in boatbuilding.
The country's boatbuilding industry has urged government to impose a tax-free importation of boats and repeal its antiquated laws, including the cabotage law, to develop the country's boat-building and marina industry.
Although Italian-born, he held a British passport, was educated in Switzerland and his family owned a boatbuilding business in Bombay.
Defeating that threat will require a different kind of vessel than the massive, blue-water ships that populate the Navy's fleet, boatbuilding company executives told National Defense.
Companies joining the third phase of the Government's apprenticeship trailblazers scheme have been revealed, with opportunities available in careers from policing, boatbuilding, TV production and surveying available.
Fibreglass has been used as a boatbuilding material since the late 1940s.
They don't have much experience in luxury boatbuilding, but at least they have the knowledge to start working.
Bob's hobbies included boatbuilding, landscaping, sailboat racing, travel, music and dancing.
If they are not recorded now the treasures of Mesopotamian boatbuilding, accumulated over centuries, will be lost to history within one or two generations.
The programme featured a series of heritage lectures, performances by renowned regional bands, live boatbuilding demonstrations, dhow cruises, light and fireworks shows, children's activities and exhibits from museums across the Gulf.
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