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a person who builds boats

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He said: "The boatbuilding project has been led by retired ship wrights Bert Reid, from Portknockie; Willie Henderson from Cullen; and Bill Dunbar formerly of Cullen, now Garmouth who started his apprenticeship at the Cullen Boat Yard destroyed in the 1953 hurricane.
Though Gornall's prose is tight and he offers interesting historical asides on boatbuilding and rowing, the sheer density of boatbuilding detail may restrict this book's appeal to boatwrights and woodworking enthusiasts.
"Contract awards for the remaining nine vessels in our fleet were made earlier in the year, with Dales Marine winning work on seven vessels and Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Company awarded two."
The trophy is awarded at the Regatta each year to the Club with the most wins at Masters level, and takes the form of a beautiful handmade scale model of a sculling boat complete with oars, skilfully crafted out of wood using traditional boatbuilding techniques.
This growing boatbuilding business is looking for marine engineers/technicians at its bases in Plymouth and Majorca.
A move into boatbuilding grew out of his family's own rehab project on a salvaged production center console.
The additions included such things as a Bangladeshi form of weaving mats from green cane, German oigan craftsmanship and music, the pinisi art of boatbuilding on Sulawesi, an Indonesian island, and Ireland's uilleann music, a form of bagpiping.
"Maritimo has relocated its research and development department to Boatmasters, so we now have everything from boatbuilding to service and maintenance and Rolex Sydney Hobart race team preparations going on here."
For decades the booming river buzzed with activity as thousands of workers flocked every day to the Tyne's countless shipbuilding, boatbuilding and ship repair yards.
The mold for the hull of a catamaran being designed by a high school boatbuilding team in partnership with Mote Marine Laboratory.
It said it would develop Tawi-Tawi boatbuilding and include it on the regional Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) for 2017 to 2019.
The seven canvases that were on view in this exhibition were inspired by a friend's new hobby: boatbuilding. But rather than honor this activity with something inspiring or warm--images of boats triumphantly setting out to sea, for example--Piedilato took a darker route, painting quasi-abstract scenes of seafaring disaster.
Tom is well known locally for his artistic talents and exhibits and sells his watercolours and pastels at the annual Mawddach Artists' Group exhibition, but few knew of his model boatbuilding skills the presentation.
The boat to be used for the record bid is being built by the Aluminium Boatbuilding Company, based near Portsmouth, and will have the latest navigation and communications equipment from the British marine industry.
Frank, a member of a local boatbuilding family, was watching Findhorn Royal Yacht Club's Battle of Britain Cup and Spence Cup races on Saturday when tragedy struck.