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a person who builds boats

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In the book, he recalls as a boatbuilder looking enviously towards the men working on the salmon boats in Caernarfon.
The Senora yacht, which was rescued from being broken up, and will be restored by trainee boatbuilders
Boatbuilders who already have a CLC boat or two are encouraged to bring them along to show off.
Most of the multimillion-dollar boats are built today in the same location--Lake Iseo in Sarnico, Italy--where, as the story goes, Pietro Riva built a tiny wooden rowboat to cross the lake to his destiny as master boatbuilder on the other side.
BULL CANYON: A BOATBUILDER, A WRITER AND OTHER WILDLIFE tells of the sailor author's time at Bull Canyon, which held an abandoned stone cottage fifty miles from Los Angeles and far from the sea he loved.
Mr Nunn, 85, was born in the Isle of Wight and on leaving school he became an apprentice boatbuilder in Cowes.
Bellingham boatbuilder Norstar Boats finalized a lease with the Port of Bellingham on Dec.
Brian is doing far better service reminding us of what we shouldn't be able to forget than continuing his trade as a boatbuilder or sailor.
The term 'flatman' 'bargee' 'waterman' 'lighterman' 'inland mariner' 'boatbuilder' 'toll-collector' 'canal or river company clerk,' 'canal agent,' 'boat owner', 'navigator'' (navvies)' and 'wharfinger' are the giveaways here.
"These participants will be helping to bring the culture, heritage and contemporary presence and vision of our country to a huge audience on the National Mall, while a range of ancillary events will be taking place to reinforce the breadth of Wales' capabilities and interests, including the largest ever trade mission to leave Wales." Among the other artists and craftspeople at the festival will be blind boatbuilder Roger Hall, 61, of Plassey Street, Penarth.
Edinburgh, April 29 (ANI): Marine archaeologists have said that the discovery of ancient boat remains off the west coast of Scotland may point to the site of a boatbuilder's yard dating back many centuries.
Prompt local service in place of "crisis management" and flexible fleet management tailored to change according to requirements has led boatbuilder Sunseeker International to standardise on Nissan Forklift for its materials handling.
As a boatbuilder, you spend all that time aligning to within four-thousandths of the transmission shaft, and as soon as you put the boat in the water, everything moves.
Lured by what he perceives as the romance of "the land of a thousand whales" and profoundly uninterested in becoming a boatbuilder like his father, Sebastian stows away on a whaling ship headed for Labrador.
Even supporters are pessimistic on that last score, for, as retired boatbuilder Andres Luna told MSNBC (Oct.