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having a concave shape like a boat

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The minaret's original boat-shaped finial (top, centre) can be seen in this drawing from L'Artarabe (1869-77) by Emile Prisse d'Avennes (1807-79)
The boys whooped with joy when their dinner arrived in little boat-shaped dishes and the staff could not have been friendlier.
Books and DVDs are still being sold, and websites claim, that a boat-shaped structure in the Dogubayazit area of eastern Turkey is what remains of Noah's ark.
At DUVAL'S, the bouillabaisse is a modern riff on the French classic presented in a white boat-shaped bowl with a lobster tail perched atop a mound of fresh local fish and shellfish.
The sushi dishes below are now available at all Ocean Basket outlets around the world: * Tamara Gunkan: A boat-shaped sushi with rice, wrapped in zucchini, topped with tarama and fried calamari.
Two years ago, and less than 1,500 metres away at Parc Glyndwr estate, Monmouth Archaeology, a professional body that contracts to oversee building works, found boat-shaped channels in the clay at right angles to the lake, with evidence of woodworking with flints, which they interpreted as prehistoric boat-building, possibly a first such site in Europe.
Each boat contains a concealed cargo the memories, prayers, thoughts or reflections of around 2000 participants, of many faiths and none, who were asked to record something of their journey through life on the inside of a carefully designed, boat-shaped template.
The boat-shaped ramp played host to vintage nautical fashion from the decade with pretty tie-neck frocks, strappy dresses below the knee, loose croptops with Peter Pan collars, high-waisted pants and shorts and overcoats with golden buttons and stripes.
It is star shaped, with five and ten pointed boat-shaped sections.
In a city that has changed so rapidly, where no landmark seems sacred, even a hideous boat-shaped monstrosity can provoke nostalgia.
I loved the boat-shaped bread and the cheese baked topping.
He was speaking in the shadow of a dilapidated sail boat-shaped housing project known as Le Vele, so dangerous that even police are sometimes afraid to enter, residents say.