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a race between people rowing or driving boats

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Summary: The CBL will start on August 10 with the prestigious Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Alappuzha
NEWCASTLE University Boat Club won the Boat Race of the North for the fourth consecutive year after beating neighbours Durham University.
In addition to the thunderous boom of beating drums and splashing waves in the Dragon Boat races, the three-day Carnival will feature fun-filled elements, such as food trucks serving local delicacies, beer fest, and a lot of music and entertainment, guaranteeing a variety of great summer fun for visitors.
Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race to be held in the second week of August is considered to the best among all.
OXFORD University beat Cambridge by a length and a half to win the 159th Boat Race.
The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Tuen Ng, is a Chinese lunar holiday when boat races are held in Hong Kong and Macau rivers and lakes.
Orale Centrair, the first betting station at an airport for a publicly operated racing event, was set up by the city of Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture, which operates Boat Race Tokoname.
In the main event of the seventh annual Welsh Varsity Boat Race on Saturday, Cardiff Senior Men pipped students from Swansea to the post by a distance of one and three quarter lengths.
The library has hosted the boat races for more than 15 years, according to Ms.
Snake boat races are held in connection with Onam, the harvest festival in August/September.
Besides F1 Power Boat races, it has taken care of the complex logistics for include international events such as the Doha Asian Games, MotoGP, Superbikes and Class 3 Boat race.
OLYMPIC gymnast Beth Tweddle made her first public appearance since Beijing to help launch the World Firefighter Games Dragon Boat races.
Consulate General in Hong Kong competed in the 40th annual Stanley International Dragon Boat Races, an international event held at Stanley Bay off the southern coast of Hong Kong Island.
You're allowed four Boat Races as a post-graduate and I've done two so, hopefully, there's also next year and then Beijing."