boat race

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a race between people rowing or driving boats

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While the women dominated the history, Oxford president Constantine Louloudis etched his own entry in boat race annals.
Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race to be held in the second week of August is considered to the best among all.
Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales will be holding their dragon boat race, which will see boats with 11 team members race from the starting line at Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff Bay, on Sunday, June 15.
The race coincided with the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race.
"This is the first Dragon Boat Race and Festival event to take place at Yas Marina.
He said: "I want to win a Boat Race because I know how bad it is to lose.
Oldfield, 36, mounted his protect against elitism by disrupting the traditional boat race featuring two of the world's most prestigious universities.
Asked what the Boat Race had to do with it, Oldfield said: "It's a symbol of a lot of issues in Britain around class, 70 per cent of Government pushing through very significant cuts are Oxford or Cambridge graduates."
The library has a DVD, "The Great Cardboard Boat Race," by Kim Bent of "Catch the Science Bug," who filmed making and racing boats in Lunenburg.
"This (the Boat Race incident) may have sensitised the watching public.
Cambridge went on to win the Boat Race in April after Oxford broke an oar.
Orale Centrair, the first betting station at an airport for a publicly operated racing event, was set up by the city of Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture, which operates Boat Race Tokoname.
Summary: The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge was forced to restart after a man swimming in the Thames brought it to a halt.
Chennai, May 22 -- Kerala's famous "snake boat race" is to be showcased in the river Thames in London.
AFTER causing a minor upset last year by beating favourites Cambridge, Oxford have been installed as 8-15 jollies to record a fourth win in five years in the University Boat Race on March 29, writes Adam Scriven.