boat paddle

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a short light oar used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat


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In his lifetime, Neil Cost, who made famous the boat paddle caller--think magnum-sized box call here--saw his calls routinely go for $5K, and "The Fat Lady," one of the last calls he ever made, sold on eBay for a cool 11 grand prior to his death in 2002.
A boat paddle is stored along the right gunwale, behind the box and seats.
Sometimes the original basic requirements of military gear - such as a rifle being easy to clean or that its stock has to also function as a boat paddle - are forgotten.
He has run the London Marathon and took part in a gruelling triathlon in August which included a 900-mile cycle ride through France, a 24-mile dragon boat paddle down the River Thames and a half-marathon Wembley to deliver the match ball on Challenge Cup final day.
We averaged over 80 miles a day on the bike, then came the dragon boat paddle in atrocious conditions from Windsor Castle to Teddington Lock.
The fisherman in the sprayed boat cranked up his boat and came up behind the skier while the man in the front applied a boat paddle to the butt of the skier as hard as he could swing.
A TV SOAP star is backing the launch of a charity event which will see a dragon boat paddle from Leamington to London.
Larry used a wooden boat paddle to scrape limbs, but he didn't rake much.