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pole-handled hook used to pull or push boats

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Speaking for the first time about the Nessie hunt with the Platoon star, Willie, 68, said: "We had the boat hook specially made by a ship's chandler in Inverness.
Using the outside engine and rudder controls, Teddy Gibbs deftly maneuvered the big boat so he could snag the decoy lines with his boat hook, pull them up and then heave up the anchor, dunk it a few times to clean off the mud and drop it into the barrel, followed by quickly pulling up the line of decoys.
It was fished out of the sea by a Royal Navy seaman using a boat hook - the repaired damage can still be seen.
BMC Eric Randall used a boat hook to pull the turtles to the side of the ship's rigid hull inflatable boat while search and rescue swimmers YNSN Brandon Javellana and GM3 (SW) Ross Melone cut the net off of the turtles.
He sat down in all his regalia with a staff like a boat hook.
Sean also has a scar over his left eye, a gift from Harrison Ford who, during the filming of Patriot Games accidentally hit him with a boat hook.
Picking up in the morning - When picking up a buoy-style mooring, always use a boat hook to pick up the buoy by the top ring.
Many are based on simple jokes or puns or on wry situations, such as one in which a man is rescued from drowning but has his eye put out by the boat hook that saves him.
SEAN BEAN accidentally hitting him with a boat hook while filming Patriot Games.
The Albert Dock museum has acquired a sofa cushion from the first class music room on the liner, which was retrieved from the sea off the Irish coast with a boat hook.
We would pick them up out of the water with a boat hook.
He managed to grab the craft with a boat hook and hold on long enough until he woke up those on board.
A telescoping boat hook can retrieve a halyard that has run up the mast, pull you into to a mooring buoy or snag the handle on Fido's personal flotation device if he falls overboard.
And his wife June and three boys aged seven, 11 and 16 watched in horror as a canalman tried desperately to pull him clear with a boat hook.