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Speaking for the first time about the Nessie hunt with the Platoon star, Willie, 68, said: "We had the boat hook specially made by a ship's chandler in Inverness.
With the motor off, lift the outdrive and try to push off with an oar or boat hook. If it's safe to do so, you can have someone go over the side and push the boat into deeper water.
95 each (, 020 8746 2473) Boat hook, pounds 3.99 The Contemporary Home (, 0845 130 8 229) on print or paper, Unframed pounds 47.31 canvas 72cmx48cm easyart.
"There was initial panic but eventually got the 'man' on board (it's easy with a boat hook) in six minutes!
Firefighters used a boat hook and an inflatable dinghy to bring the bird to safety before handing it over to welfare officers.
(Inevitably, the cable broke, the lumber slid into the bay, and Noah had to fish for it with a boat hook.) "We built this deck so Sadie can eventually ride a tricycle around it--it's a 1,000-square-foot playpen," he says.
Mr Hunter-Stanley, aged 60, then helped get the injured man out using his boat hook.
BMC Eric Randall used a boat hook to pull the turtles to the side of the ship's rigid hull inflatable boat while search and rescue swimmers YNSN Brandon Javellana and GM3 (SW) Ross Melone cut the net off of the turtles.
He sat down in all his regalia with a staff like a boat hook. I told him he couldn't rest his staff on the ground as that could lead to a lighter reading, but the press pictures show the Bishop of Gloucester `cheating' at Cheltenham!''
Sean also has a scar over his left eye, a gift from Harrison Ford who, during the filming of Patriot Games accidentally hit him with a boat hook. He has become renowned for stripping and performing on-screen love scenes and was once voted Rear Of The Year.
Many are based on simple jokes or puns or on wry situations, such as one in which a man is rescued from drowning but has his eye put out by the boat hook that saves him.
I have a boat hook on the boat and we put that in through the window and we got it down a bit more.
SEAN BEAN accidentally hitting him with a boat hook while filming Patriot Games.
It was fished out of the sea by a Royal Navy seaman using a boat hook - the repaired damage can still be seen.