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the upper deck on which lifeboats are stored

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They had a lot of help, so I went to the boat deck and helped get a lifeboat ready.
All cabins have large windows, TV, wi-fi and select cabins on the boat deck even have a private balcony from which to enjoy the scenery as you travel.
Amongst the dotty characters sauntering around the boat deck of Joe Layon's ballet, were George Bernard Shaw, rendered here as a priapic goon, Theda Bara, the silent movie star, who few people would recognise today, Noel Coward identified by a long cigarette holder and Gertrude Lawrence, generally identified in real life by her capacity to sing slightly off-key, something ballet cannot reproduce.
Many of the men who lived through the drama were never viewed or treated the same again GRAND: Passengers on the boat deck in Cork Harbour QUIET: The reading room on the upper promenade of the Titanic [umlaut] Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS ADVERT: An advertisement for passage to New York or Boston on the White Star Line ships Olympic and Titanic [umlaut] Christie's Images/CORBIS
Even the waistline surface which leads the body into the interior mimics the look of a boat deck.
1 big dolphin on boat deck = 15 minutes wrestling + 15 minutes swabbing
I remained on the port boat deck to watch the pilot being taken off at Sandy Hook in a swift little boat whose curling wake, illuminated by the lights of the ship, gleamed on the black water as she nudged against the sheer black hull running with a white foam, and he descended to the boat by ladder while we continued to build toward cruising speed into the open sea.
As an amphibious ship, Carter Hall has a well deck, boat deck and flight deck that allows it to provide food, water, maintenance, communications and medical care to other coalition warships, as well as Sailors serving on the OPLATS themselves.
Jean Louis Georgelin, French chief of defence staff, said: "At 3:30pm, we spotted three kidnappers on the boat deck and the order was given to neutralise them and at the same time to send a squad of eight navy riflemen.
Americans, it's said, did not shine Pushing, instead, to the front of the line Social position helped in the wreck First class was closer to the boat deck And more crew members avoided the brine.
He developed the brace after fishing last year with an amputee who couldn't see a weed bed to fish because he had to sit on the boat deck instead of the pedestal seat.
He shows, for example, that there could not have been an anarchic rush to board the last lifeboats, because the vast majority of third-class passengers did not reach the boat deck until after all the lifeboats had been launched.
The 40-acre island is mostly pristine forest, with a lodge, cabins, outbuildings and boat deck.
Everything was OK as the Sailors manned the port boat deck to lower a RHIB for transporting one of the ship's visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) teams to the vessel on the port bow.