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the upper deck on which lifeboats are stored

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Most likely, Kate Buckley was among the "horde of humanity" one British Army officer witnessed pouring out of steerage and onto the boat deck, only to discover that all the lifeboats had already departed.
As an amphibious ship, Carter Hall has a well deck, boat deck and flight deck that allows it to provide food, water, maintenance, communications and medical care to other coalition warships, as well as Sailors serving on the OPLATS themselves.
Jean Louis Georgelin, French chief of defence staff, said: "At 3:30pm, we spotted three kidnappers on the boat deck and the order was given to neutralise them and at the same time to send a squad of eight navy riflemen.
Americans, it's said, did not shine Pushing, instead, to the front of the line Social position helped in the wreck First class was closer to the boat deck And more crew members avoided the brine.
He developed the brace after fishing last year with an amputee who couldn't see a weed bed to fish because he had to sit on the boat deck instead of the pedestal seat.
The 40-acre island is mostly pristine forest, with a lodge, cabins, outbuildings and boat deck.
Everything was OK as the Sailors manned the port boat deck to lower a RHIB for transporting one of the ship's visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) teams to the vessel on the port bow.
A beam package which was welded to the lift boat deck to operate as a base for the welding platform.
A man in a faded gray raincoat and a flopping black felt hat that nearly concealed the gray hair that straggled over his ears stood on the boat deck of the steamship Rotterdam yesterday, timidly facing a battery of cameramen.
For hours, he watched intently for birds while sitting on the aluminum boat deck with a wet coat in sub-zero weather.
5 million Brighton Pier boat deck replacement scheme triumphed at the ICE South East England Engineering Excellence Awards in the Best Approach to Health and Safety category.
Former fisherman Cameron Mitchell, 53, from Banffshire, had a steel plate fitted in his neck after breaking his back when he slipped on oil on a boat deck.
Under the watchful gaze of a skipper, you spend several hours cruising around the extensive volcanic bay, enjoying wine, maybe taking a dive from the boat deck into cool waters and hopefully catching the beginning of the sunset.
They went up to the Boat Deck where the ladies reluctantly entered a lifeboat.