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Synonyms for boast



Synonyms for boast

to talk with excessive pride

to have at one's disposal

Synonyms for boast

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Lava had said that they would announce a tablet that would boast of 3G calling.
Also new from HunterLab is a benchtop spectrophotometer that boasts superior precision in measuring colors of plastics in lab or production environments.
While director and cowriter Marco Kreuzpaintner breaks no new ground here--viewers might find themselves reminded of Christina Ricci's sneering comments regarding movies about 'that summer that changed everything" in The Opposite of Sex--Summer Storm boasts energetic young actors, beautiful locations and cinematography, and an interesting mix of queer characters, from campy queens to tattooed jocks.
Weight Watchers has failed to put a stop to Fox's Biscuits boast that it makes some of the lowest-fat biscuits on the market.
The Travelodge Hotel Airlane also boasts impressive Jacuzzi suites with whirlpool, a steam room, gas fireplace, king size beds, two televisions, full mini bars, and dining and lounging areas and an exquisite decor.
While there, be sure to pay homage to another attraction that is less-known but also boasts national stature: the National Champion Roomer Catclaw, a 24-foot beauty with a 54-inch circumference and a crown spread of 24 feet (a total of 84 points).
The Houston-based supplier of oil and gas drilling operations boasts revenues of $242 million and has 75 employees.
The homage to Lake Como outside the Bellagio may be relatively puny but it boasts something the original one doesn't: a dancing water shows that perform to the tunes of "Hey, Big Spender" and, with wonderful cheap irony, "Simple Gifts.
Most complete, and with verbal echoes in two other boasts, is that of Glaukos in Book 6.
The odds are in Michelle William's favor (-150); the Ledger family only boasts 5-to-2 odds that they would grace the Academy Awards stage.
The customised open-plan kitchen boasts a breakfast bar, a dishwasher and a washing machine.
Targeted at enterprise customers only, the device boasts of Intel's Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) processors and support up to 16GB of RAM for the M72e and 32GB for the M92p.
In one of four rap songs posted on a website, he boasts "I'm the Real Banger", meaning real gangster, and claims to have friends who use guns, squeaking: "I know guys that lick shots".
The 12-story, 75,292 s/f building boasts a tenant roster that includes Athorn/Clark & Partners, Character Foundation Inc.
The Class,'' like ``Friends,'' boasts clever performances (Caplan and Goldenhersh both play their laughs for all they're worth), as well as its fair share of pithy one-liners, but many of them connect on a more visceral level.