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The devices are small, boasting of dimensions of 1.
It is bigger and more aesthetically impressive, boasting white walls and concrete floors with a massive black and white checkerboard pattern.
Boasting compact shape and the latest technologies, our phones allow our customers to choose the right phone for their individual needs in all of our target markets across the globe.
And for all of Hahn's boasting, Los Angeles has still not returned to its peak for street resurfacing - 275 miles in the last city budget produced by Mayor Richard Riordan.
Boasting through the use of superlatives If a camp were to proclaim itself, "The best summer experience a child can have," the reader is entitled to respond by demanding, "Prove it
Boasting the longest battery life on the market (up to 16 hours), the Scribbler is also available with a $99 battery upgrade that powers the product for a full day/night.
He identifies two modes of liturgy, the "pathos of glory" and the "pathos of shakenness"--public boasting and public honesty.
Hotels boasting tropical themes, mini-versions of Venetian canals, and the largest pyramid outside of Egypt have all popped up along Las Vegas Boulevard within the last few years.
com believes it will not (-200), boasting 8-to-5 odds that would hit the high mark.
Boasting 100 feet of street frontage on 14th Street, and another 60 feet on Fifth Avenue, 69 Fifth Avenue offers premium visibility in a sought-after, 24 hour, seven-day-a-week retail location.
Your optimal role, however, goes way beyond simple boasting.
And finally, in those churches most hospitable to the more conventional forms of civil religion, further festivals are added, for boasting about the congregation's national identity.