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outspoken conceit

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But boss Tommy Sloan's reaction to their 4-0 defeat away to a Premiership side underlines that boastfulness doesn't belong in the Beechwood dressing room.
It has come with all its arrogance and boastfulness, trying to discredit Thy Apostle.
Many critics have seen Hemingway's boastfulness about his courage and manliness as overcompensation.
He said: "For all his crassness and boastfulness I think underneath there's somebody rather warm and generous.
BY all accounts, Major Geoffrey Douglas Langlands led a remarkable life, spent (at the risk of boastfulness) in a remarkable land, in remarkable times.
Such boastfulness! His words could have been cool if they were stuffed with truth but they aren't.
"It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting."
Such boastfulness on their part had made God angry, and it had been ordained that as they grew, they would begin withering from the top.
Then he gushes about his employer anyway, in a sort of Ivy League-ish boastfulness, daring you to ask, dropping large enough hints that you grab the bait.
It's a fine line between boastfulness and wanting everyone to know how much better your children are than theirs.
Theodore Roosevelt renounced boastfulness and warned that, if America fails, the cause of free self-government throughout the world will rock to its foundations.
With regard to truth, then, the intermediate is a truthful sort of person and the mean may be called truthfulness, while the pretence which exaggerates is boastfulness and the person characterized by it a boaster, and that which understates is mock modesty and the person characterized by it as mock-modest.
What we do know is that his boastfulness and belligerence and tendency to self-aggrandisement are not only costing America worldwide support, but also isolating it.