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outspoken conceit

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Yet Maduro's team and state-owned companies like Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and Corporacion Venezolana de Petroquimica (Pequiven) keep promising projects which, if the surviving boastfulness of the Chavez regime does not change as major private (national and foreign) investors want, the country's economy will continue to fall, with Pequiven, PDVSA and the others continuing to stagnate or even shrink rather than expand.
If this particular sense of modesty is an intermediate state, "the pretence which exaggerates is boastfulness and the person characterized by it a boaster," whereas the tendency "which understates is self-deprecation and the person characterized by it is the self-deprecator.
were showing a boastfulness that probably alienated many.
It has come with all its arrogance and boastfulness, trying to discredit Thy Apostle.
NOT intent on attempting to poison us with their smelly cheeses and to make us feel inadequate with their boastfulness about their love-making, our neighbours on the other side of the English Channel have a new ruse to plague us.
It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence.
The boastfulness showed by the French Foreign Minister and the threats he uttered against Syria come in defense of the participation of hundreds of French citizens in the terrorist war against Syria including 300 French people who are fighting by the side of the armed terrorist groups," he added.
the ultimate is to accepted of European But the tone will go down well in Abu Dhabi, where boastfulness leaves a bad taste.
I think that kind of boastfulness and the pompous attitude that accompanies it is destructive.
Contrast was used cleverly, so that the line "One time when my dad was beating up my mum I gave her the umbrella which had a metal thing at the end of it", spoken by a character fixing his bike, was said with all the casual boastfulness of a mechanic telling his mate about his pub darts prowess.
Davis found that higher levels of empathic concern predicted higher levels of shyness and anxiety, and lower levels of egotism and boastfulness.
The consul general's comment read: " Nath speaks with such brashness, boastfulness, and at times niave ( sic) simplicity that one tends to discount it all.
The [black horse] is crooked in shape, gross, a random collection of parts, with a short, powerful neck, flat-nosed, black-skinned, grey-eyed, bloodshot, companion of excess and boastfulness, shaggy around the ears, deaf, hardly yielding to whip and goad together.
Much of what we see in him is the effort to deploy a style of masculinity, of swaggering performances of fluency and indomitability, as a way to clear space inside the confines of a received narrative of model-minority achievement, as if that masculine boastfulness, which at some moments is blusteringly homophobic and at others treats parental homophobia with a condescending savoir vivre, might itself do some of the work of assimilation, but in a way gratifyingly separate from the protocols of a previous generation.
Turner dubbed, "All-Talk Turner" by his friends because of his boastfulness, met Emily in December 2010, soon after she had returned from living in New Zealand with her family.