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Synonyms for boaster

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Synonyms for boaster

a very boastful and talkative person

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Non-vaccination or poor implementation of extended program of immunization (EPI) seems the main reason for the persistence of Diphtheria in most districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because none of 56 cases included in this study had completed the basic 3 doses and boaster of Diphtheria vaccine.
With regard to truth, then, the intermediate is a truthful sort of person and the mean may be called truthfulness, while the pretence which exaggerates is boastfulness and the person characterized by it a boaster, and that which understates is mock modesty and the person characterized by it as mock-modest.
Defined as 'a general term of contempt for saucy or paltry fellows', 'Jack' also evokes Latinate terms like jactator ('a cracker or boaster') and jactancy ('a vain boasting').
When you're a singleton browsing news-feeds full of couples and families posting picture-perfect accounts of weekend activities - even if they've over-egged the excitement factor, as is the wont of the Facebook boaster - the comparison can hurt.
They found only focus, Ashley Williams again superb and the back-line now the proud boaster of five successive clean sheets.
If this particular sense of modesty is an intermediate state, "the pretence which exaggerates is boastfulness and the person characterized by it a boaster," whereas the tendency "which understates is self-deprecation and the person characterized by it is the self-deprecator." (27)
Mike Amerol and Rolly responded with a straight 3-game boaster wins to take over a 3-2 lead that triggered a start of long exchange of leads from 3-3 by Team Red's Mario Betorio/Uly Bartolata, then 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, till 7-all after a pressure-packed service game of Mike Amerol that brought them to a tiebreaker game.
And after boaster Brendan boomed "Coming out victorious is pretty much how I live," boy, was it great to see him lose.
It is impossible more richly to represent the horrour, the vilenesse and the disorder of it: for, what can be imagined so vile and base as to be a coward towards men and a boaster towards God?
More a philosopher of the word than a boaster of it, his style partakes of an ultimate accessibility.
The fox, however, is cornered by the dogs, and the cat, now the boaster, calls down, '"Mr.
The smartphone features finger-print sensor (on home button), water-and-dust resistant body (IP67 certifications), heart-rate monitor (below camera module), download boaster, fifth generation Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac HT80, MIMO 2x2) and a 2800 mAh battery with Ultra Power Saving Mode.
She was as said initially forced into an unwanted marriage with a chief's son Ramogodi, whom the author describes as "a drunkard and a dissipated boaster" (68).
The main aim of the event is to boaster "friendship across the sea" with all kneeboard counties and islands.