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Synonyms for boast



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Synonyms for boast

to talk with excessive pride

to have at one's disposal

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Synonyms for boast

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Boast did admit it's been a summer of change with a number of exits and arrivals.
Boast Technologies is a custom cloud software development company based in Ottawa whose mission is to provide cloud-based solutions that serve the specific needs of each client in the most efficient way possible.
Gwent coroner David Bowen asked: "Things started to go downhill and Rhydian Boast started to feel he was neglected?"
Attendees at AMERICAN FORESTS' National Urban Forest Conference may want to find time to explore some of region's vast attractions, In addition to historic missions and cultural sites, the San Antonio region boasts a wealth of natural areas with an incredible array of floral and faunal diversity.
The Camp David accords are nothing to boast about either.
Proud Boast had been beaten on her last five runs in handicaps but trainer Geraldine Rees said: "She has run some good races and things have not gone quite right for her."
Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and Dido's brother Rollo have been festival favourites for a long time now and can boast a long line of successful records, none more so than 1998 single God Is A DJ.
Greenock Sheriff Court heard how the boy's 28-year-old mother only learned of the incident after McCurdy's boast was heard by a mutual friend.
Of the nine examples eight are evoked by a challenge of some sort, most usually a threat, a question, or an invitation; only in one case does the silent reproach of a dead victim evoke the boast. In all nine examples the response to the challenge involves an assertion of power largely based on ancestry and family connections, although in one case the assertion is more implicit than explicit, and in another case it is the putative family connections of the challenger that contribute to the respondent's assertion of power.
Psychology professor Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University said that one in 10 says he boasts in an attempt to win respect and in the past, men were more likely to be the main breadwinners, with a need to boast to achieve success within the competitive male- dominated workplace.
Lava had said that they would announce a tablet that would boast of 3G calling.
Calgary, Canada, March 27, 2012 --( Boast Capital announces SR&ED Seminar at Innovate Calgary on Wednesday, April 4th from 7:30-9:30am to discuss changes to the SR&ED program arising from the new federal budget.
Despite the frantic efforts of his boyfriend and two accident and emergency nurses who were also on holiday with them, PC Boast could not be revived and was pronounced dead in hospital during the early hours of June 18 of last year.
Pc Rhydian Boast, 28, an officer with South Wales Police, died on Wednesday during a holiday.
Chief Superintendent Josh Jones of South Wales Police said PC Boast, a member of a neighbourhood policing team in Cardiff, was "a credit to the force".