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large hound used in hunting wild boars

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Prenton Dell went through 5-2 against Boarhound and Queens Park won 4-0 at Upton Villa.
Prenton Dell (Tony Sample, Danny Edwards, Andy Bolton, Kev Duffy, Kev Thompson) went through 5-2 against Boarhound and Queens Park (Ryan Thompson 2, Terry Cotgrave, James Atherton) won 4-0at Upton Villa.
The second characteristic appears in The Philosopher's Stone when Hagrid's baby Norwegian Ridgeback bites several characters including Fang the boarhound, Ron Weasley, and Hagrid himself.
And all the time he struggles in amusing fashion as a dog-walker for a ravenous boarhound with dubious personal habits.
Shape-shifting monsters Bogarts become mokos and Hagrid's cowardly black boarhound Fang is known asTora.