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fish with large eyes and long snouts

fish with a projecting snout

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On the AS/ NHB substrata, 96.5% of the community was composed of 7 taxa (in decreasing order of abundance): unidentified anthiine serranids, the chain dogfish (Scyliorhi nus retifer), the yellowfin bass (Anthias nicholsi), the deepbody boarfish (Antigonia capros), the red barbier (Baldwinella vivanus), a scorpionfish (Scorpaena sp.), and the black sea bass (Centropristis striata).
Six taxa (in decreasing order of abundance: the chain dogfish, the deepbody boarfish, the black sea bass, Scorpaena sp., the yellowfin bass, and anthiine serranids), accounted for 93.6% of the fauna on the SS habitat type but usually exhibited a lower percent contribution to the SS habitat type than to the AS/NHB habitat type (Table 3).
The fishes most influencing the group of samples from the AS/NHB habitat type (on the basis of SIMPER analysis) were the chain dogfish, members of Anthiinae, the yellowfin bass, the deepbody boarfish, the conger eel (Conger oceanicus), Scorpaena sp., the red barbier, the cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus), and the blueline tilefish (Caulolatilus microps).
Keywords: Growth and reproduction boarfish Capros aper.
Members of the teleost family Caproidae (known as boarfish) are widely distributed throughout Atlantic Indian and Pacific Oceans (Nelson 2007).
The boarfish is distributed along the Eastern Atlantic (western Norway Skagerrak Shetlands and western Scotland to Senegal) and the Mediterranean (QuACopyrightro 1986) between 40-700 m (Mytilineou et al.
300-450 Southern boarfish Pseudopentaceros richardsoni 600-900 Pelagic armourhead Pseudopentaceros wheeleri 250-600 Orange roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus 600-1,200 Oreos Pseudocyttus maculatus, 600-1,200 Allocyttus niger Bluenose Hyperoglyphe antarctica 300-700 Redfish Sebastes spp.
Little information is available on the success of these latter ship reefs, though at Glenelg, boarfish, leatherjackets, trevally (Carangidae), and a number of other smaller species of fishes were observed by divers about a month after sinking (Branden, 1984).
The European Commission obtained a halt for cod fishing in the West Scotland zone due to the alarming state of stocks, but it had to agree to large increases in catches for certain species like boarfish (+148%, although it had proposed a 15% reduction) and haddock (+200%) in Faroese and West Scotland waters (compared with a proposal for +25%).
Other species of note observed included goldflag snapper (Pristipomoides auricilla), greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili), large-head scorpionfish (Pontinus macrocephalus), dawn boarfish (Antigonia eos) (Randall, 2007), shortspine spurdog (Squalus mitsukurii), and numerous carcharhinid sharks.
It concerns stocks shared or managed jointly with Norway in the North Sea and Skagerrak, or in the framework of agreements with coastal states associated with the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC); stocks with traditional quota swaps (stocks not managed jointly but subject to annual swaps between the EU and Norway and/or the Faroe Islands); stocks that potentially can be subject to swaps (relatively recent stocks, such as the boarfish stock) or that present a potential interest for quota swaps; by-catches in sole and plaice fisheries and fishing opportunities agreed in the framework of regional fisheries management organisations (RFMOs).
Approach to aging and growth back-calculation based on the otolith of the southern boarfish Pseudopentaceros richardsoni (Smith, 1844) from the south-west Indian Ocean seamounts.
Tope sharks were found to prey almost exclusively upon teleost fish: small shoaling fish, mainly boarfish (Capros aper) and snipefish (Macroramphosus scolopax), were the most frequent prey.
Two benthopelagic species, the snipefish (Macroramphosus scolopax [%IRI=34.0]) and the boarfish (Capros aper [%IRI=26.8]), were by far the predominant fish prey items.
A new boarfish, Pentaceros quinquespinis (Pentacerotidae), from the Southeast Pacific.