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Synonyms for boarfish

fish with large eyes and long snouts

fish with a projecting snout

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Like the Carrum reef, these latter reefs supported good populations of Australian snapper (Sparidae), and also ling (Ophidiidae), boarfish (Pentacerotidae), red mullet (Mullidae), beardie and bearded rock cod (Moridae), leatherjacket (Monacanthidae), long-finned sea pike (Dinolestidae) and garfish Hemirhamphidae), as well as a number of smaller nonangling species.
Other species of note observed included goldflag snapper (Pristipomoides auricilla), greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili), large-head scorpionfish (Pontinus macrocephalus), dawn boarfish (Antigonia eos) (Randall, 2007), shortspine spurdog (Squalus mitsukurii), and numerous carcharhinid sharks.
Approach to aging and growth back-calculation based on the otolith of the southern boarfish Pseudopentaceros richardsoni (Smith, 1844) from the south-west Indian Ocean seamounts.
Tope sharks were found to prey almost exclusively upon teleost fish: small shoaling fish, mainly boarfish (Capros aper) and snipefish (Macroramphosus scolopax), were the most frequent prey.
A new boarfish, Pentaceros quinquespinis (Pentacerotidae), from the Southeast Pacific.