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a room where a committee meets (such as the board of directors of a company)

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In order to stay ahead of competition from around the globe, corporations are now more than ever before equipping their boardrooms with the tools they need to make real-time, split-second business decisions.
Dinah Bennett, programme director of the Women into the Network at Durham Business School - an umbrella organisation which links up support groups for entrepreneur development and puts women into touch with them - knows only too well the uphill struggle women continue to face breaking into the boardroom - a difficulty which sometimes leads them to start up their own companies.
The brief flurry of departures from the boardroom we have witnessed is convincing evidence that managing a modern U.
From the R&D lab to the executive suite and boardroom, accurate evaluation, strategic focus, and renewed awareness surrounding IP is gaining prominence as corporations seek to compete in the global marketplace.
Nasdaq:PLCM), the world's leader in unified collaborative communications solutions, today delivered the Polycom Ceiling Microphone Array, specifically designed to provide superior audio performance for video communications in educational environments, boardrooms, and custom-room meeting environments.
Whether it's used in the boardroom, classroom or worship facilities, the LP860 is a powerful projector demonstrating our commitment to provide the most advanced solutions for our customers.
NEW YORK -- Mercer Delta Consulting, in conjunction with The Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, today released results of a study that revealed that Boards are exerting more influence in the Boardroom and have greater independence from management.
com's CEO is immediately available to comment on how PeopleSoft, Safeway, General Electric and Coca-Cola stakeholders can make their voices heard in boardrooms before upcoming proxy votes.
A July 2003 survey conducted by the Business Roundtable of its member companies further indicated that there have been real, positive changes in corporate boardrooms.
The Corporate America Task Force sends a clear and powerful message to Corporate America--act now to make your boardrooms reflect the diversity of the nation and level the playing field for procurement opportunities for Hispanic-owned businesses," said George Herrera, USHCC President & CEO and Chair of the Advisory Committee of the Corporate America Task Force.
The pre-configured hardware systems and the software's wizard-style user interface will dramatically reduce integration needs and address the smaller installations for boardrooms, training rooms and entertainment facilities.
This joint solution provides dealers with a lighting retrofit for the control interface, making it possible for distance learning centers and boardrooms to enjoy full lighting control automation where it was not previously available.
The Boardrooms Classen Curve store puts it around the corner from Oklahoma City-based Carwins Shave Shop.
Salhab added, "Deloitte also continues to advocate for diversity in boardrooms through our 'Board Ready' programs which are delivered across the globe to help prepare women for board service.