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a room where a committee meets (such as the board of directors of a company)

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But he declined saying jailed old Jomo was the leader for Africans and there would be no independence without him.This says the boardroom was involved in proposing Jaramogi just as it was in 2002 when Mr Simeon Nyachae and Mr Raila Odinga sealed a pact in the small hours only for the latter to endorse Mr Mwai Kibaki in the afternoon.
ISince the last Diversity in the Boardroom Supplement was published in 2016, the discourse on diversity has not slowed in its intent or profile, always encouraging the improvement of our engagement of individuals from a range of backgrounds and with a breadth of experience.
The SC touted this as a 65 per cent improvement compared to December 31, 2016 when there were 20 companies that had yet to embrace women in their boardroom.
Women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards, despite continued efforts to improve boardroom gender diversity.
Both boardrooms are fitted with 65-inch flatscreen TVs, a media hub built into the boardroom table and are offered on a flexible pricing basis which includes hourly and daily rates.
A SIGNIFICANT number of investors have expressed concern over boardroom pay in their voting at company annual meetings, according to a new report.
"To compete and grow in the digital economy, executives in the boardrooms of the Middle East need real-time, contextualised data to make decisions for today, setting the stage for transformation and future growth," said Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer and head of SAP Digital.
Technology gaps can exist in the boardroom when some, but not all, directors who serve on a common board are willing to change their personal practices and adopt new technology.
So it is particularly welcome that a new initiative aimed at making boardrooms more diverse will be celebrated at Wembley today.
In other countries, laws had to be enacted to ensure meaningful representation of women in the boardrooms or in decision-making organizations.
The HACR CGS measures Hispanic inclusion in the C-Suite and boardrooms in Fortune 500 companies.
Beale's appointment comes at a time when more women are breaking through into boardrooms and top positions than ever before.
The Gulf's boardrooms are disproportionately dominated by men and often lacking in people willing to question the strategy of top bosses.
These executives share exactly the same personal amorality as the directors, for exactly the same motive, personal greed, which dominates the boardrooms of our nation, so that this attitude becomes the accepted norm.