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a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane

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Advising people to collect their boarding card from an Aer Lingus agent at the airport, they added: "Apologies for any inconvenience."
As I tried in vain for the umpteenth time at airport security to enter my digital boarding card from a mobile app, I could sense a growing exasperation among the crowd waiting in line behind.
Airports worldwide, though, believe wider deployment of biometrics will speed things up in the future Last month, Delta Airlines announced its plan to scrub passport and boarding card checks for its passengers at Atlanta Airport and use just facial recognition throughout.
"Boarding cards should be destroyed immediately after travel and should not be circulated on social media for bragging so as to avoid privacy breach," he said.
charges up to 160 pounds ($226) per passenger to change the name of the passenger on a ticket and 20 pounds to reissue a boarding card at the airport, according to the airline's website.
Like millions of others I assumed boarding cards had to be shown to airside retailers for security reasons.
Today, having gone to the trouble of providing them in advance with all our personal details and even printing our own boarding cards, we still have to join an enormous zig-zag queue to drop-off our luggage only to find they still scan all our documents, then join another enormous zig-zag queue to have our boarding card scanned once again, before joining an even bigger zig-zag to be searched then finally another zig-zag to have our documents scanned once more at the boarding gate.
Sources said that all roads leading to the airport likely to be sealed, however, the passengers on showing their boarding cards and other documents could enter into the airport.
Panasonic also said it was looking at wearable devices that passengers could use as boarding cards and showed off a new HD screen and a three-dimensional hologram that may one day be used for in-flight entertainment systems.
At the new family check-in desks in Frankfurt and Munich, children will receive a special Christmas edition of the popular cuddly toy boarding cards as a surprise gift.
Boarding cards and luggage tags are written and affixed by hand.
Virgin Atlantic, an airline subsidiary of UK-based Virgin Group, has announced that it is integrating Passbook technology with its mobile boarding cards.
His attack came after Suzy McLeod complained about being hit with pounds 236 of fees when she arrived for a return flight home without printed boarding cards.
O'Leary's attack came after mother-of-two Suzy McLeod complained about being hit with 236 pounds worth of fees when she arrived for a return flight home without printed boarding cards.