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a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane

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Responding to customer queries to its official Twitter account on Sunday evening, the airline said it was "currently experiencing problems issuing boarding cards on our website and App".
"You have been flagging up the wrong boarding card. This is your return from Malaga in two weeks time!" shrieked the woman in an act of treacherous public denunciation after befriending me.
Upon completion of the tour, you discover what happened to the person who initially held that boarding card.
Emirates passengers travelling to and through Dubai from January 1 until March 31 can benefit from My Emirates Pass privileges across participating retail and leisure outlets simply by presenting their boarding card and a valid form of identification.
At the new Terminal 4 of Singapore's Changi Airport, some of this is already in operation, although passports and boarding cards are also still required for self-scanning.
The UK's Department for Transport intends to release an aviation policy on the charges, which can cover changing a passenger's name or reissuing boarding cards, Aviation Minister Elizabeth Sugg said in an emailed statement.
During their visit to the airport, the two Karachi police officials interviewed the station manager of Emirates Airlines, staff of a private handling agency which had issued the boarding card for SP Rao, and also discussed in detail the matter with the CSO.
Claims to have lost her boarding card. Probably broken a nail on a Styrofoam cup, wants to sue Starbucks.
When I arrived in Dublin, I spoke to Emirates airline staff and they informed me that it was not necessary to purchase a new ticket, as there is a code that the staff can use to issue the boarding card. I was able to use the return part of the original ticket to fly back to Dubai.
DEAR Editor, As a passenger on Monarch Flight ZB492 flying out of Birmingham International at 14.50, on Sunday, January 17, I was extremely concerned when told takeoff would be delayed as a person had boarded who had neither boarding card, nor means of identification!
Some stores in airport departure lounges ask people to hand over their boarding card when they make purchases.
Today, having gone to the trouble of providing them in advance with all our personal details and even printing our own boarding cards, we still have to join an enormous zig-zag queue to drop-off our luggage only to find they still scan all our documents, then join another enormous zig-zag queue to have our boarding card scanned once again, before joining an even bigger zig-zag to be searched then finally another zig-zag to have our documents scanned once more at the boarding gate.
TRAGIC Liam Sweeney was clutching his boarding card when flight MH17 was shot to the ground at 33,000ft.
Once the Plaintiff had reduced his baggage, he was directed by the Defendant's staff to proceed to the check-in counter and Boarding Gate 7, as was stated on his boarding card.