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Synonyms for boarder

a tenant in someone's house


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someone who forces their way aboard ship

a pupil who lives at school during term time

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He said: "Our students will benefit from international boarders who come to the city with tremendous academic drive and ambition "I visited the students to talk to them about studying here in Liverpool and the way the city is viewed outside the United Kingdom made it possible.
The co-ed school takes students from three to 18 as day pupils, weekly boarders and full boarders.
The company's "Am" team also includes his 22-year-old brother, Jacques, a Plymouth State grad, now a California-based boarder.
Allentown Organized Kaos Athens S&M Skates Cincinnati Discworld/Alternative Gargoyle Board & Bike Satellite 13 Skate Shop Circleville 360 City Skateboard Shop Cleveland Heights POD Columbus Black Sheep Board & Skate Sunsports Dayton Cow Skates Elyria Speed Freaks Gallipolis Crossroads Grove City Grind Skateboard Shop Lakewood Westside Skates Lancaster Project 21 Mason Empire Skate Shop Miamisburg Blind Rage Portsmouth Boarder Line Toledo Just Skateboards Skateboard Heaven Troy Overthrow Union Town Joe's Skatepark Willoughby Ohio Surf and Skate Youngstown Stomping Grounds Zanesville Incorporated
There are also options for night skiing as well as a terrain park and half-pipe for boarders.
And if you're not a snow boarder, you might be mystified by words like ``jibbing,'' ``rails,'' and ``fun box,'' which you'll hear on Mammoth's new high-speed lifts.
A teenage boarder at a leading grammar school was attacked by eight thugs who daubed racist graffiti on the walls of his bedroom.
The intimidation teenage female boarders generally feel is lessened at Mountain Creek, thanks to the Op Girls Learn To Ride event, where girls under 18 learn the ins and outs of snowboarding.
Induction, training and ongoing support are provided for volunteer boarders.
Palestinian towns on the boarders between Gaza and Israel witness
Separate heats will be judged for long boarders, short boarders, body boarders, women and under-16s, with prizes for the winners of each category donated by local shops.
Alarmed by the result of the latest survey on teenage pregnancy, the Commission on Population (POPCOM) here has appealed to all local government units (LGUs) to formulate policies on boarding houses regulations particularly the separation of rooms of male and female boarders.
I wanted to meet and mix with people from different countries, and SISD boarding and Dubai offers all that," he said, adding that fellow boarders come from at least eight countries, including France, Jordan, Iran, Rwanda and Uganda.
The Turkish units, adjacent to the Syrian boarders in Hatay Governorate southern Turkey, intensified its campaign of heavy artillery shelling in Afrin, Anadoulu News Agency reported.
He said they have 330 boarders and 110 day scholars.