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Synonyms for boarder

a tenant in someone's house


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someone who forces their way aboard ship

a pupil who lives at school during term time

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Pickwick's sincerity, that he should immediately submit to personal restraint; and that gentleman having consented to hold a conference with Miss Tomkins, from the interior of a closet in which the day boarders hung their bonnets and sandwich-bags, he at once stepped into it, of his own accord, and was securely locked in.
exclaimed Miss Tomkins, the three teachers, the thirty boarders, and the five servants.
Samuel Weller; and the remaining three stopped behind to protect Miss Tomkins, and the three teachers, and the thirty boarders.
The door was just going to be closed in consequence, when an inquisitive boarder, who had been peeping between the hinges, set up a fearful screaming, which called back the cook and housemaid, and all the more adventurous, in no time.
The ministers all take a hand then, and there aren't any summer boarders around.
They drifted along the line of seats made gay with the dresses of the summer boarders, and one of the town officials patrolled and perspired till he shone all over with pure civic pride.
Other people - summer boarders and such-like - played about in cat-boats or looked at the sea from pier-heads; but he understood things from the inside - more things than he could begin to think about.
Alarmed by the result of the latest survey on teenage pregnancy, the Commission on Population (POPCOM) here has appealed to all local government units (LGUs) to formulate policies on boarding houses regulations particularly the separation of rooms of male and female boarders.
I wanted to meet and mix with people from different countries, and SISD boarding and Dubai offers all that," he said, adding that fellow boarders come from at least eight countries, including France, Jordan, Iran, Rwanda and Uganda.
The Turkish units, adjacent to the Syrian boarders in Hatay Governorate southern Turkey, intensified its campaign of heavy artillery shelling in Afrin, Anadoulu News Agency reported.
He said they have 330 boarders and 110 day scholars.
22 (SUNA) The joint committee for demarcation of boarders between the Sudan and the state of south Sudan has held, Wednesday, its 6 th meeting at the friendship hall in Khartoum.
But wobble boarders are still in use in other cities - including in Liverpool - and there are calls here for the council to take action.
Conclusion: No significant difference was found between the academic performance of boarders and day scholars.
This means we need volunteer dog boarders to take the dogs in the evening and at weekends for the 12 weeks of their advanced training to provide a calm, secure and loving temporary home.