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Synonyms for boarder

a tenant in someone's house


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someone who forces their way aboard ship

a pupil who lives at school during term time

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'What an impudent thing that cook is!' said the thirty boarders.
'Lor, Miss Smithers, dear,' said the other nine-and-twenty boarders.
The boarders, and the teachers, and the servants, fell back upon the stairs, and upon each other; and never was such a screaming, and fainting, and struggling beheld.
Pickwick's sincerity, that he should immediately submit to personal restraint; and that gentleman having consented to hold a conference with Miss Tomkins, from the interior of a closet in which the day boarders hung their bonnets and sandwich-bags, he at once stepped into it, of his own accord, and was securely locked in.
'Elope!' exclaimed Miss Tomkins, the three teachers, the thirty boarders, and the five servants.
Samuel Weller; and the remaining three stopped behind to protect Miss Tomkins, and the three teachers, and the thirty boarders. And Mr.
And one of our boarders has suffered much from the vengeance and persecution of the cardinal!"
For the law, too, and all who were connected with it, he exhibited a bitter contempt which delighted some and alarmed others of his fellow boarders.
The ministers all take a hand then, and there aren't any summer boarders around."
He had heard - it was astonishing how all the world knew all the world's business along the waterfront - he had heard that a "Philadelphia actress-woman" was going to take part in the exercises; and he mistrusted that she would deliver "Skipper Ireson's Ride." Personally, he had as little use for actresses as for summer boarders; but justice was justice, and though he himself (here Dan giggled) had once slipped up on a matter of judgment, this thing must not be.
They drifted along the line of seats made gay with the dresses of the summer boarders, and one of the town officials patrolled and perspired till he shone all over with pure civic pride.
Other people - summer boarders and such-like - played about in cat-boats or looked at the sea from pier-heads; but he understood things from the inside - more things than he could begin to think about.
It was a standing jest of the boarders that Aniele cleaned house by letting the chickens loose in the rooms.
The suspect was arrested on August 5 after the female boarder filed a complaint with the Sampaloc Police Station.
This, after a 69-year-old landlord, Noe Nodalo, was caught taking videos of a female boarder inside a bathroom using a hidden camera.