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Synonyms for boarder

a tenant in someone's house


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someone who forces their way aboard ship

a pupil who lives at school during term time

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Lor, Miss Smithers, dear,' said the other nine-and-twenty boarders.
The boarders, and the teachers, and the servants, fell back upon the stairs, and upon each other; and never was such a screaming, and fainting, and struggling beheld.
It was a standing jest of the boarders that Aniele cleaned house by letting the chickens loose in the rooms.
I am not discouraged, however, and I talk French all I can, even with the other English boarders.
I would not believe it, and, throwing back my shoulders, I ran to the deck below to join my men in repelling boarders from one of the thern craft that had grappled us broadside.
Grapplers and boarders lined the contiguous rails of each.
There were two baths for the fifty boarders, and each boy had a bath once a week.
We had only three boarders and half a dozen day-pupils to commence with; but by due care and diligence we hoped ere long to increase the number of both.
They're so big that people living in them have to take boarders just to fill up.
However, they're nice, kind souls, and they take two boarders every year because Miss Hannah's economical soul cannot bear to `waste room space' -- not because they need to or have to, as Miss Ada has told me seven times since Saturday night.
Besides, the servant's room enabled them to take in two boarders instead of one.
Her husband was a British officer, and she is very careful what sort of boarders she takes.
A group of boarders were seated on the high stoop upon round, flat mats like German pancakes.
We dine soon afterwards with the boarders in the house, and have nothing to drink but tea and coffee.
There were ten or a dozen boarders there; but they were honest foremen or commonplace clerks from the stores, of a very different calibre from the young Irishman.