board of regents

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a committee of university officers who have general supervision over the welfare and conduct of students

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Haslam has said the move will allow the Board of Regents to focus on his Tennessee Promise program that offers free tuition at the state's two-year colleges to all high school graduates.
It is ridiculous that the Board of Regents continue to deny us entrance to universities that we have helped fund.
The New York State Board of Regents has appointed John R.
This incredible gift adds to the momentum that the university and the community are experiencing,'' said William Kane, chairman of the Board of Regents.
The New York Board of Regents recently approved a plan that would revolutionize the way middle schools administer its curriculum with the ultimate goal of improving student performance.
The Ohio board of regents has announced that Clifford Lynch is the recipient of the second George V.
VIII, [section] 5) with the oversight of all degree programs in Louisiana's public institutions of higher education, has mandated that all students will have achieved "basic computer and informational literacy" upon graduation, leaving the precise method by which this is accomplished up to the various degree-granting institutions (Louisiana Board of Regents n.
Both the Tribunal and Court of Appeals ignored the Michigan Court of Appeals decision in University of Michigan, Board of Regents v Michigan Department of Treasury, 217 Mich.
Resolutions approved by the college's Board of Regents at the ACP's annual meeting asked the American Board of Internal Medicine to consider alternatives to the testing and self-evaluation modules of its continuous medical development process.
Larson, MD, MPH, FACP, director of the Center for Health Studies at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, is the chairelect for the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians (ACP).
Another publicized battle raged in February 1997, when a long-simmering dispute between faculty and administrators boiled over at New York's Adelphi University, The New York State Board of Regents ousted Procope, who was the chairman, and 17 other trustees on grounds that they had paid the university president too much, failed to keep track of his compensation and did not review his job performance.
He was a past president of AAEA, on the Board of Regents at Texas Tech University, and was well known for his work as president of the Southwest Animal Health Research Foundation, which raised over $10 million and revolutionized the livestock industry with the eradication of the screwworm in the 1960s.
In April 1995, Scott Southworth, Amy Schoepke, and Keith Bannach -- all fundamentalist Christians -- sued Michael Grebe, president of the University of Wisconsin's board of regents, along with the other regents.
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