board of education

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a board in charge of local public schools


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Magistro, who was appointed superintendent in 2003 (and has been a district administrator for 27 years), asked East Brunswick Board of Education attorney Martin R.
Board of Education Decision,'' a book of essays and short stories by children's authors, all of them old enough to recall the mid-'50s in their different American communities.
The California State Board of Education was not swayed by these arguments and ignored OABITAR's recommendations - also later denied by the Department of Education.
Despite the critical shortage of teachers, the Board of Education didn't maintain a central clearinghouse where vacancies were listed.
Nancy Perkins has worked in education for 30 years and has served on the Maine State Board of Education since 2009.
Kansas has been enmeshed in a struggle over teaching evolution since 1998, when candidates who favored teaching creationism won a majority on the Board of Education.
The Illinois Board of Education, Ottawa Elementary School District 140, Ottawa Township High School District 141, and parents of four students in those districts filed the suit in February.
Donna Johnson, Delaware - Executive Director (President of the National Council of State Board of Education Executives - 1-year, starts immediately);
PUTNAM - A hearing by the Putnam Board of Education on the fate of Superintendent of Schools Margo Marvin was scheduled for Aug.
The Cobb County school system is the second largest public school district in Georgia, but in 2002, the board of education surrendered to a religious pressure campaign and announced its plan to warn students that evolution is "a theory, not a fact" and that it should be "critically considered.
A large portion of a municipal budget is allocated to the school budget, so by the very nature of fiscal cooperation, shared service facilities inherently are beneficial, but such an intra-municipal approach has failed because of a lack of communication and a solid, working relationship between the board of education, departments and the municipality itself.
All deliberate speed; reflections on the first half-century of Brown 17, Board of Education.
Just last week, the Ohio Board of Education voted 11-4 to remove the requirement that high school biology classes "critically analyze" the theory of evolution.
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