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a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

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The Zoning Board of Appeals tried to close the business in 2003 but state Land Court Judge Leon Lombardi reversed its decision to do so, and the town and Cape Cod Aggregates entered into a settlement agreement over operations at the site, according to the Cape Cod Times.
The city has six months from the date of the board of appeals ruling to decide on a new plan or scrap it completely.
Charette petitioned the Zoning Board of Appeals to overturn a ruling by Zoning Enforcement Officer Curtis J.
She also sits as Zoning Board of Appeals Counsel to the Town of Yorktown in Westchester County.
The trial is led by Board of Appeals Chairman Aydin Nurbekov.
By ordinance, when the restoration of a nonconforming building involves the majority of the building, the restoration must be approved by the zoning board of appeals (ZBA) and cannot increase the building's nonconformity.
Coakley, a principal and commercial litigator in the Detroit office, has been elected to a one-year term as chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals for the city of Bloomfield Hills.
At press time, a concrete crushing plant in southeastern Michigan is idle because a township zoning board of appeals has denied a request for a permit from the operators.
(Cambridge, MA) announced The Technical Board of Appeals of the European Patent Office invalidated European Patent 505 500 owned by Applied Research Systems ARS Holdings, N.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Serono International S.A.
The Technical Board of Appeals of the European Patent Office stated it intends to uphold Roche Diagnostics' PCR patents ...
"Many applications are pending right now at the patent office--either in front of examiners or at the board of appeals level --and as these applications are decided we'll be getting some guidance,' says Steve Odre, a patent attorney with Amgen Inc.
"In these consolidated cases, plaintiffs who are Trustees of the Winchester House Condominium Trust ('Winchester House Plaintiffs') seek to overturn a decision of the Brookline Zoning Board of Appeals ('Board') to grant a comprehensive permit to Roth Family, LLC and 40 Centre Street, LLC ('Private Defendants') for a 40-unit mixed income apartment building ('Project').
The development group's LaurelRidge plan, envisioning hundreds of housings units on 122 forested acres at the south end of the Laurel Hill Valley in east Eugene, will go in front of a city hearings official for the third time, after the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals this month sent the case back to the city for review.
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