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a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

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The zoning board of appeals will forward a positive recommendation on Immaculate Conceptions proposal to the village council.
The city has six months from the date of the board of appeals ruling to decide on a new plan or scrap it completely.
The zoning board of appeals jointly consented to provide the power firm an exclusive permit to install a 1.
She also sits as Zoning Board of Appeals Counsel to the Town of Yorktown in Westchester County.
Wednesday night, after the Zoning Board of Appeals allowed him to withdraw his variance application without prejudice, Mr.
The trial is led by Board of Appeals Chairman Aydin Nurbekov.
By ordinance, when the restoration of a nonconforming building involves the majority of the building, the restoration must be approved by the zoning board of appeals (ZBA) and cannot increase the building's nonconformity.
GLENDALE - Glendale is seeking applicants for an opening on the Building and Fire Board of Appeals.
Board of Appeals Confirms Right to Continue as Venue for Events and Entertainment
At present, Fagin serves on the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce board of directors and the city of Lubbock Building Board of Appeals.
The development group's LaurelRidge plan, envisioning hundreds of housings units on 122 forested acres at the south end of the Laurel Hill Valley in east Eugene, will go in front of a city hearings official for the third time, after the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals this month sent the case back to the city for review.
Altomare pointed out the developer has petitioned the Zoning Board of Appeals for relief from 278 required off-street parking spaces.
Previously, he was Assistant Town Attorney for the Town of Babylon, where he served as counsel to the Town's Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board.
The mining proposal is scheduled to be taken up by the Los Angeles County Board of Appeals in October.
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