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a member of a governing board

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Leticia Damaso - board member, Philippine Postal Savings Bank
Boards also have a high degree of camaraderie, which can make firing a board member be like firing your friend.
THE BOARD is to seek independent advice on whether board members should be paid, given their increased responsibility and liability associated with legislative changes.
We do the gamut of training to make a person an effective board member," Brooks says.
For example, when a board member learns something unusual is he or she expected to report the fact back to you?
Pisano outlined her concerns in a letter Tuesday to board member Dale Bonner, who had been involved in discussions with the museum's representatives, saying of the inability to get a lease after five years of discussions: ``This is an untenable situation.
LWVTX Budget Committee, 1994-2006; treasurer, 1997-2003; Board member, 2003-06.
The style of the interview can range from an informal gathering of board members in an apartment to a formal interview with board members lined up at a table with you in the 'hot' seat.
Never mind that the evolution of ERM, in both theory and practice, is in its infancy--with nay-sayers who believe there's no need for it, and many senior executives and board members who still believe effective risk management need be nothing more than what it has been traditionally: keeping hazard and financial risks under control.
Figure 1 compares the motivating factors that convinced each board member to first join MERLOT with the factors that were important for their continued participation.
As incoming board member Shelley Bird puts it, "My primary reason for participating is all about growth--for the association and for me personally and professionally, I am very interested in helping to develop strategies for growing IABC's membership base and stature.
For their unpaid work, they reap modest rewards: Being a volunteer board member can help satisfy a CPA's desire to support a favorite cause, raise his or her profile in the community, meet people and establish professional contacts as well as learn new skills, for example.
Any new programs being considered for the community would have no space, therefore a new hospital must be built, says a board member.
The latter point made it onto a three-page memo of concerns that board member Lewis P.