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a system of units for measuring lumber based on the board foot

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Interestingly, the combination of any two surveys generally explained the third better than individual surveys alone, with the exception that the University of Michigan survey explained the Conference Board measure slightly better alone than in combination with the ABC News/Money poll.
The oil on board measures 41 x 28 inches and has a saleroom estimate of PS1,500-2,500.
In past years the Oregon association has offered health departments training that covered Public Health Accreditation Board measures, such as performance management and quality improvement practices.
Part of the Players' Commission's thrust is "to study issues relating to players of all age groups and propose to the Central Board measures deemed necessary to improve the conditions of players."
The single column board measures: 676mm depth x 145mm wide although bespoke boards are available.
A highly functioning board measures all management's objectives and initiatives through the 'strategy' lens.
The white plastic board measures 12 inches by 11 inches.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records' official website, the world's largest permanent and functional Monopoly board measures 31 feet by 31 feet and is made of granite.
The topics would cover a range of issues including young stock, nutrition, lameness, mastitis, fertility and contagious diseases and reports of how others have taken on board measures to overcome certain issues.
There are concerns that the pollutants released into the air cause damage to the environment and crematoria are considering this issue and taking on board measures to reduce carbon emissions during the process.
The Conference Board measures print help-wanted advertising volumes in 51 major U.S.